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Giraffes Can't Dance


We are going to explore the music from the Jungle dance.

Click on each link to hear to music for each dance.

How does it make you feel?

How would you like to move? Fast or slow?

Can you make a musical picture by moving the pen/pencil in time with the music?

Did you make flowing shapes? sharp pointy shapes? squiggly shapes?

You can colour in your patterns to make a great piece of art (see examples below).


For a Waltz click:


For some Rock 'n' Roll click:


For a Tango click:


For a Cha Cha click:


For a Scottish Reel click:


Now we are going to try to have a go at some of the moves.

Have you got your dancing feet ready?

Click on the videos below to have a try at some of the dances.



Scribble Art examples


Rock Around the Clock

John Jacobson and friends teach us how to dance to "Rock Around the Clock" written by Max C. Freedman and Jimmy DeKnight, and arranged by Roger Emerson. "Roc...

I Can Tango | Children's song | Counting Song | Movement Song | Patty Shukla

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Cha-cha-cha & Jive - mixed kids dance

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"The Somerset Children's Reel" (RSCDS Book 51)

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Challenge time!


Choose a piece of music you like as your 'Freestyle' piece and then play the game below. Write on a post-it the name of each dance and stick to a dice the roll and see if you can do the dance it lands on. If you don't have a dice you can write the names and pick them out of a hat to see which dance you can try. 


What was your favourite dance?

Which dance did you not like and why?



Today we are looking at shapes.

Can you find 10 shapes in your house?

  • What shapes are they?
  • How many faces has each shape?
  • Can you make 10 by adding up the faces?
  • How many sides do they have?
  • Can you make 10 by adding up the faces?


Can you make a picture with the shapes? 

  • What shapes can you use to make a lion?
  • What shapes would be best to make a giraffe's neck?
  • What shapes would be best for a monkey?

Creative activity

Use this recipe to make your playdough
Email or tweet your fabulous creations


Today we are looking at the sounds:


ow     ur


Click on the link to see how many sounds you can recognise.


Click on the link to explore the sound 'ow'


Click on the link to explore the sound 'ur'


Play 'noughts and crosses' use the board below to see how many words you can read?

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