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Thursday 18th June 2020

We would like you to begin this afternoon by spending at least 10 minutes on TT Rockstars and 10 minutes on Spelling Shed. If you haven't completed 20 minutes of Reading Plus, please also do that now.


Yesterday, in your RE lesson, you looked at the way that current events and 'now' are impacted by the past, and impact the future. One of the things that stood out to me the most, when planning this lesson was the fact that school has been closed whilst you are in Year 6:


School has been closed whilst I was in Year 6.

Past- I was looking forward to going to London. I knew what costume I was going to wear for the fancy dress parade. I was looking forward to seeing old photos in our leavers assembly.

Future- I don't know how we will do this. I am nervous about going to secondary school without transition.


Today you are going to suggest a plan for your year group as this years 'Year 6 leavers'.


Task: create a plan of what we can do to make your 'leavers' as good as possible. This might be by making it as close to 'normal' as possible or something completely different. You can make your plan in writing, with pictures labelled on paper, on a pic collage, using a powerpoint presentation, on a video: you decide!


You should answer the following questions: Who? What? When? Where? How?


Your plan should include:

Event- what is going to happen? what is the event?


Invitations- how will we tell everyone what is going to happen?


Timings- what time? how long will it last?


Location- where will it happen? how will the space be decorated? does the weather impact anything?


Shopping list- what do we need to get? food? decorations? games?


Organisation- who will set it up, do the shopping, get things ready?


Health and Safety- how will social distancing be maintained?


Cost- how much will things cost? You could use online shopping (like the asda website- to check how much things cost).


Payment- who is going to pay for it? school? will everyone pay a little bit? will everyone bring something to share?


What happens normally?

  • SATS
  • London Trip
  • Fancy dress parade
  • Y6 school play
  • Leavers party
  • Sports day
  • Leavers assembly (memories)
  • Year 6 class photo
  • Party (in class- snacks, games etc)
  • Disco


Important information:

  • Some children will be in school from Monday 22nd June, some children will still be at home.
  • Everybody must maintain social distancing rules.


We look forward to seeing your plans- hopefully we can really use some of them in the next few weeks! Please bring them to school next week (if you are in), tweet them to us @kensingprimary or send them to us in an email!