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Thursday 14th May 2020

This afternoon you are going to be doing Design and Music.




LI: To learn about extreme designs and how they are tested, using elements of maths and science.


Now try one of these activities!

Activity 1:

You will need a bin liner, string, safety scissors, a ruler, tape and a small toy figure.

Design and make your own parachute to experiment with air resistance.


When conducting the experiment, ask yourself:

  • What might happen if you made the parachute bigger?
  • What might happen if you made the toy figure bigger?
  • Why did we use bin bags as a material for our parachute?
  • What properties do you think the ideal material for a parachute should have?

Activity 2:

You will need a disposable bottle, four bottle caps, two straws and sticks or skewers, balloons, tape and safety scissors.


If these aren't all available to you, increase the challenge by designing your own balloon-powered car with the materials you can find around the house.


By making a balloon-powered car, you can learn about some of the issues that car designers face every day. It will help you understand aspects of friction that design engineers face and work with all the time.

Friction between the wheel and floor help it to grip and move but friction within the axles will slow it down.

When conducting the experiment, ask yourself:

  • How can you make your balloon car move faster?
  • How can you make your balloon car move further?

Try experimenting with different shapes and sizes of balloon.

If you don't have the equipment for either activity, have a look here for some different ideas.




LI: To draw a portrait and write a musical memory...

Join Naomi Wilkinson and create a piece of art and writing to connect with someone you love. Draw a picture and share a memory with a friend or family member to show you are thinking of them. This activity is part of the BBC Music and Dementia initiative.



Watch the Ten Pieces introduction film about Elgar’s Enigma Variations. Elgar wrote the variations about his friends, using music to describe people’s characters and creating musical portraits.



Join CBBC’s Naomi Wilkinson and take inspiration from Elgar’s musical portraits. Draw a picture of someone you miss and write about a piece of music that reminds you of them. Send your artwork and music selection to your special person to show they are in your thoughts. You can download the template here or use a blank piece of paper.



Share your picture and musical memory. Ask an adult to help you share your work using our Uploader for a chance to have it featured in the Ten Pieces online showcase ! If you want more ways to use music to connect with friends and family visit the BBC Music Memories website .