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Circle Time Activities 
Every day we start our session in Nursery with Circle Time. During circle time we do the days of the week, a song of the day, a shape of the day and a number of the day. It's a fun and engaging way to start our session. Below are the videos of

our days of the week song and our nursery rhyme of the day for you to join in and sing along. 


Days of the week

Can you join in singing our days of the week? What day is it today?

If You're Happy and You Know It!

Can you join in with todays song?


Phonics - Describe and Find it 
For todays task you will need the help of your grown up. Choose 5 toys and lay them out in front of you. Have a look at your toys, thinking about what colour they are, how big they are, how many arms/legs/wheels they might have. Your grown up will choose a toy and describe it to you. Can you find the toy they are describing?

For example, if you chose a teddy they might say - it has 2 ears, it is fluffy, it has one nose. 


Once you have found the toys for your grown up, can you see if you can describe a toy for your them to choose? 



Number hunt! 
Todays task is a number hunt around your home. Can you find these numbers in your house? Please tweet us @kensingprimary using the hashtag #nurseryhomelearning or email your pictures to


1 2 3 4 5 



We talk a lot in Nursery about how we are feeling and how our actions make us and other people feel. At the moment we cannot leave our house as often as we are used to and our routines have changed. For todays task, can you do something that make you feel happy and makes you smile! 

Some things you could do are draw a lovely picture, put your favourite music on and dance or use your kind words to make your families smile. 




Story Time 

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo is a fantastic story that has lots of different animals in it. Which animal is your favourite? Which animal would you keep as a pet in your house?