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Year 2 (Data Handling)

We use a range of materials in our every day life and year 2 have been exploring their different purposes in the world around us. As part of their investigation they used physical representation to group themselves and then used this to support their work.


Year 2 (Measure)

Year 2 have been investigated the forces around us, including the role of friction. The children participated in a range of activities where the amount of friction was changed and it impacted on the distance that they traveled. It was great fun and it was clear to say the more friction you have, the shorter the distance you will travel.


Year 5 (Shape / Data Handling  / Time)

Did you know that the surface area of an object has a massive impact on the speed at which it drops? Year 5 investigated what would happen if they changed the surface area of a parachute. To investigate this they had to use stopwatches, sandwich bags and a variety of graphs and tables to record the time it took for each item to reach the ground.


Year 5 (Measure)

We all know that we can measure a lot of things around us - a clock measures time, a ruler measures length and a jug can measure volume. Well what about forces? Year 5 have been exploring force meters and how they can be used to measure the force of gravity on a variety of objects.

It was surprising to see that just because an object was bigger, didn't mean it would be heavier. The children measured a range of objects, recording their results in Newtons (N).


Year 6 (Volume / Measure / Data Handling)


'If you are taller, do you have a larger lung capacity?' Year 6 had a rather interesting way of investigating this question using bottles, jugs, a straw and a rather large tank of water. If you start with a 2 litre jug of water, dip it in a tank of water and blow through a straw, the water left in the bottle is taken away from the 2 litres and you are left with the air capacity of your lungs.


This experiment also used 2 variables (height of pupil and lung capacity) so was perfect for presenting their information using a line graph. The outcome was 'Don't judge someone's lung capacity by their height'. Well done year 6!


Year 5 - Day and Night


Year 5 have been studying why we have day and night. The children have used their maths skills to calculate the average hours of sunshine for each month and represent the data in a bar chart. 


Year 5 (Shape, space and measure)

Year 5 have had their investigation hats on this week as they have looked at the link between the circumference, radius and surface area of a variety of planets in our solar system. Year 5 loved the challenge and found out some rather interesting facts.


Year 5 (Number)

Year 5 put their number skills to the test during a 'top trump' tournament. All of their research had helped them create a fact file on each planet and the children had to choose a category in a bid to win all of the on!


Year 5 - Data Handling / Measure

Have you ever wondered which fizzy drink could claim to be the 'Fizzy Champion'? Well don't you wonder anymore, as our year 5 pupils have been exploring this very question. To complete the task they had to measure the mass of each bottle, record their information and then repeat these steps after they had removed the fizz. There was excellent scale reading skills on display and the results would probably surprise you.