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Friday 27th March 2020


Capital letters and full stops


What have you done at home this week?

I want you to write some sentences with full stops and capital letters in the right place using what you have learned this week.



Mum and me sat in the sun in my garden.

I watched a movie with my family.

My sister played with our dog.


Don't forget to tweet your work so we can see how you are getting on @kensingprimary #year5homelearning


Comparing Fractions


Last week, we were comparing fractions. Use the pictures above each fraction to help you work out which is bigger.


<     >     =


Remember, the crocodile always eats the biggest number




Thursday 26th March 2020


In English this week we have been working on sentence structures. Have a go at this sentence sorting game, click the link below!


In maths this week you have been working on fractions. Have a go at the game below where you need to match the fraction to the cake on the table...Good luck!


Wednesday 25th March 2020


Good morning my red folder friends!

Using the words, can you create a sentence that has a capital letter and a full stop in the correct place?


1.           butterfly          The          sat          flower.            the          on


2.          used          rain.          my          umbrella          the          I          in


3.          rabbit          carrot.          ate          crunchy          The          the


4.          school.          wrote          I          story          at          long          a


5.          played          sand.          children          The          in          the


6.          said          girls          favourite          All          the          their          colour          red.          was

Maths - Equivilant Fractions


Write out the fraction pairs correctly. Use the fraction wall to help you figure out which ones are the same!


Tuesday 24th March 2020


Correct the sentences below so that they make sense with their capital letters and full stops.


1. My book is new. it is funny.

2. The BALL is blue. the ball is soft

3. my friend is six. she is tall.

4. He has milk He sleeps

5. The frog is in the pond it is green

6. My cat is happy She likes to sit on my lap

7. i like to eat fruit. i love oranges

8. The car drove fast It was blue

Fractions of amounts

Work through the questions below. Once you've finished, can you draw some for someone at home and see if they can work out the fraction that are coloured in?


Monday 23rd March 2020


Good morning Red folder! 
well done for coming to find the work that you are doing today.


Capital letters and full stops


Read through each sentence. Then copy these sentences out. Remember to add in the capital letters and full stops.



1. i saw a giraffe at the zoo it was as tall as a house


2. after tea I went to the park my friend peter was there


3. we went to blackpool on holiday it rained heavily all week


4. the power cut lasted for six hours we had to use candles to see


5. my nan is a very good cook her cakes are yummy


6. i live at number forty nine it is the house with the dark blue gate




write about what you did over the weekend with your family. Remember what we’re going to be looking out for…


Capital letters and full stops!