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Year 6 (Number)

Darts is a game of physical accuracy and quick mental calculations. Year 6 had a game of darts and it was first to reach 301. It was great fun and the children became very tactical with the numbers they aimed for as the games went on...nothing better than finishing on double 20!


Year 1 (Space, shape and measure)

If you are ever in search of some creativity, look no further than year 1! They have an unbelievable imagination and it is during 'block play' that their creativity is on display. The blocks are great way to create new dimensions, environment and bring stories to life. The children create a range of wonderful shapes and spaces and there are many tales to be seen and told.


Year 6 (Shape and space)

As a part of year 6's gymnastic session, the children had to display a variety of skills through working within a team. They created a variety of shapes within their team and showed excellent demonstrations of symmetry and reflection. It was great to see such effective teamwork on display!