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Parents and Carers

At Kensington Community primary, we are incredibly lucky to have such supportive parents and carers, who take every opportunity to participate and support in our wide range of activities across the school year.


We have a range of parents who come into school on a regular basis to support our trips, participate in after school clubs or to support with the learning in the classroom. Having such a strong link only benefits our children and enables them to have more opportunities to build their understanding of maths in the wider community.


After School Fun Club


Many of our parents attend the weekly after school fun club, where they can play a variety of board games, puzzles and activities. The inclusion of maths based games has just added an extra bit of fun and it has been great to see the level of conversation grow between parents and the children.

Maths events

After school bingo and a whole school beetle drive has been a great way for parents to participate in some fun maths games after school and something that has grown in popularity.

Cake Sales

Our termly cake sales and Christmas fayre maths challenges would not be as successful as they are without the support and participation of our parents. They have helped our maths ambassadors and our class representatives thrive in promoting maths in practical and real life activity.  

Maths Methods Sessions


In a bid to build continuity between school maths strategies and home based learning, we have hosted 'maths methods sessions'. These have been led by our maths ambassadors and allowed us to share the resources and strategies that are being used on a daily basis in class.

Puzzle Mornings


Our puzzle mornings have been a great way to enjoy maths through games, puzzles and games. Parents, family members and carers have attended their child's puzzle morning to put their range of skills to the test....and morning bagels are just an added bonus.

Apps and Websites for Home


The word document below contains some of the websites and apps that we use in school on a daily basis. Please feel free to use them at home as well to try and build the link between maths in school and maths at home.