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Meet the Team

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher
Mrs K. Davies

Deputy Head Teacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Curriculum Lead
Mrs S. Berry

Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss K. Tierney

Early Years Foundation Stage Lead
Mrs J. Procter

English Lead
Mr C. Jones

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, Phonics and Early Reading Lead
Miss S. Owen

Mathematics Lead
Mr S. Paton

Science Lead
Miss D. Stanley

Year 1 and 2 Lead
Mr J. Bailey

Year 3 and 4 Lead
Miss E. Cant

Year 5 and 6 Lead
Mrs C. Willshire

Mentoring and Continuing Professional Development Lead
Miss A. Butler

School Business Manager
Mrs. A Ellinson

Teaching & Learning Roles

Art Coordinator
Mr T. Hudson

Computing Coordinator
Ms A. Williams (MAT) / Miss D Stanley

Design Technology Coordinator
Mrs M. Carruthers

Geography Coordinator
Mrs C. Willshire

History Coordinator
Mr J. Bailey

Modern Foreign Language Coordinator
Miss L. Telfer

Music Coordinator
Mrs A. Heeney

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education Coordinator
Miss N. Cleary

Physical Education Coordinator
Mr C. Thomas

Religious Education Coordinator
Mrs J. Darsey


Miss S. Kelly

Mrs J. Procter / Miss H Gillespie
Miss L. Darby Roche
Mr S. Briggs

Year 1
Miss S. Bristow
Miss A. Butler
Miss S. Owen
Mrs A. Heeney

Year 2
Mr J. Bailey
Mr T. Hudson
Mr C. Stewart

Year 3
Mrs M. Carruthers
Miss D. Stanley
Miss H. Swann

Year 4
Miss E. Cant
Mrs J. Darsey
Miss L. Telfer

Year 5
Mr C. Jones
Miss R. Moran
Mr C. Thomas

Year 6
Miss N. Cleary
Mr S. Paton
Mrs C. Willshire

Teaching Assistants


Mr S Kenny
Miss J. Muflahi
Mrs K. Shackleton


Miss K Clarke
Miss S. Mason
Miss S. McCarthy
Miss K. McDonald

Year 1
Mrs R. Begum
Miss R. Kelly
Miss M. Morris (MAT)
Mrs I. Riley

Miss A Spa

Miss L Shackleton

Year 2
Mrs S. Dawber
Miss K. Puxley                                                                                                                                                                                Miss C. Charalambous                                                                                                                                                                  Miss L. Pierce

Year 3
Miss I. McMahon
Miss E. Fahey
Miss N. Bennett
Mrs J. Vallance

Year 4
Miss M. Harrison
Miss L. Hepplestall
Miss E. Iacovou
Miss B. Jefford


Mr S. Rossbotham

Year 5
Miss T. Crosby
Miss K. Hales
Mrs E. Malek
Miss L. Shackleton

Year 6
Mrs D. Kewin
Mr C. Telfer

Level 4 Teaching Assistant

Miss J Taylor

Miss J Byrne

Additional Support

Intervention Teacher

Mrs A. Heeney

Music Support

Mrs A. White

Pupil & Family Support

Learning Mentors
Mr C. Evans
Miss L. McKenzie

Teaching Assistant - Responsible for the delivery of pastoral and wellbeing programmes and working with the school assistance dog 

Mrs C. Bettley

Administration Staff

School Business Manager
Mrs. A Ellinson

Administration Team
Mr E. Griffiths
Miss L. Gilmour (Educational Visits Coordinator)
Mr H. Hamlin (Clerk to Governors)
Mrs L. Putterill

Premises Staff


Mr P. Foy

Mr R. Woods

Cleaning Staff

Mrs J. Kelly

Ms S. Catherwood

Ms C. Foy

Mrs L. Henderson

Mrs H. Spencer

Mrs S. Parcell

Mrs P. Duncan

Lunch Time Staff

Mrs J. Kelly

Miss J Riley

Mrs M Denton

Mrs M Manning

Miss N. Shaw

Mrs S. Azreen

Mrs A Thalmensi

Kitchen Staff

Mrs T. Ferrie

Mrs L. Willis

Mrs J. Boyd

Mrs N Embalo

Ms C. Foy

Ms N. Smyth

Mr J Walsh


Information Technology Staff

IT Network Manager

Mr C. Griffiths

Kensington Community Primary School