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Music is a subject that relies heavily on the use of maths. We all know timing is everything and can be the difference between the quality of the piece of work. A choir, orchestra, a duet or even a soloist has to be aware of the timing of the instruments and other performers around.


Music is also about being able to spot patterns, tunes are created through repetition and once a performer combines the right notes, they can create a magical piece of work. This resilience and trial and error approach are qualities that can be transferred easily into a maths lesson.


Year 3 (Number)

We all know that playing an instrument takes timing, teamwork and a lot of perseverance. Year 3 had all of these qualities on display as they spent time learning about the skills required to read music and it is no surprise that maths was needed. Letters are used to represents notes (a bit like algebra) and throughout the children had to recognise the pattern to create the tune. By the end of the session, there were plenty of budding musicians showing off their skills.