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Monday 8th June 2020


Happy Monday!

I hope you had a peaceful, relaxing weekend with your families and are still staying safe at home. This afternoon we would like you to do TT Rockstars, Reading Plus and Spelling shed. Then we have some Art and some Science.

Nature is everywhere which means so too can art. Whether you are out in the backyard, the park, the beach, even just sitting in your bedroom, there is art and nature around us. And with nature, everybody can express their creativity.


In normal, busy life, it is difficult to take the time to notice the smaller details of things around you. So, today your challenge is to try and do just that! We would like you to try to find as many letters of the alphabet as you can. Try not to move things to build the letter yourself, but instead you could change the angle you are looking at it so that different things you see build the letter itself. You can be as close to an object as you like so it could even be a curl in a pattern that looks like a C. The best way to record this is by taking photos of each letter and creating a piccollage of the alphabet but you could sketch what you see if that is easier.




Have a look at some of these examples (click on the image to enlarge it):



Monday 8th June 2020

LI: To revise my knowledge of electricity


You last studied electricity in Year 4. This is what you did:


Today we are going to revise  what we learned and look at basic circuits. We will look at the symbols that are used when drawing diagrams of an electric circuit.


Start by watching the videos on this BBC page:

Task 1:

Follow this 'Blobz' link to learn more and test your knowledge with the game.

Task 2:

Page 1 and 2 of this document have 24 cards. There are 8 diagrams, 8 photographs and 8 descriptions. You can either print these, to cut and match, do it on the computer, or label each picture with numbers.

Page 3 is a different way in which a bulb can be drawn.


The 'extra information' document may also help you. Other component symbols can be downloaded from: