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Monday 30th March 2020

Good afternoon Year 6! It's great to see you back here smiley Please remember that your daily timetable is up to you so if you would rather choose an activity from the PE page, listen to our audiobook chapter, or do Mr O'Shea and Mr Chubbock's challenges before you do these things, that is fine! Don't forget to tag us in what you are up to on twitter @kensingprimary ! We really love seeing your efforts. 

This afternoon your first activity is DT.


Monday 30th March 2020

LI: To research the similarities and differences in different types of bread


Task 1:

Those of you in school on the last week of term begun our research by tasting four different types of bread. They explored the appearance, smell, feel and taste of wholemeal, cheese, sesame seed and multi-seeded bread. If you weren't in don't worry! Have a look at the images below. Which do you think would be your favourite? Why?



Sesame seeds       Cheese topped        Multi-seeded        Wholemeal

Now you are going to look at four different recipes.



Task 2:

Look at and note down:

  • The ingredients
  • The time it takes to cook


You could lay this out like this:


Wholemeal roll

Ingredients: wholemeal bread flour, yeast, warm water, salt

Preparation time: 55 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes


Task 3:

Look back at your notes and identify the similarities and differences in each recipe. There are some obvious differences but try to notice some subtle ones too. Use comparitive words in your descriptions such as 'longer'.


Each recipe contains:



The wholemeal bread recipe is different because ____

The multi-seeded bread recipe is different because ____

The sesame seeded bread recipe is different because ____

The cheese-topped bread recipe is different because ____


The second part of your afternoon is a 'gratitude' activity.


During difficult times -like the one we are all experiencing right now- it is important to try to remain positive and focus on the good things! This helps to support positive mental health.


Task 1:

If you have been leaving your house once a day for your daily walk, run or bike ride, you may have seen pictures of rainbows stuck up in people's windows. These are called 'rainbows of hope' and people are making them to show how thankful they are: for those working hard to keep our country safe; to be able to stay safe at home; to make other people smile.


We would like you to spend some time this afternoon making a rainbow to display in your house! Try to put it in a window that can be seen from the street or by your neighbours. You could draw this on paper or be a little bit more creative- see what you have at home to use! Here are some ideas:

Task 2:

Now we have thought about our rainbows of hope to make our neighbours and key workers smile, we would like you to try and write down something else that you are grateful for during this time.


For example:


Miss Hesketh is grateful that she has more free time to explore the internet; she is trying new recipes and online exercise classes every day.


Miss Owen is grateful that she can go on walks in the sunshine and finally learn how to cook!


Miss Crosby is grateful that she can spend more time at home with her family and that she is able to do some online studying.


Mrs Heeney is grateful to be with her lovely daughters who are keeping her busy and smiling every day. She is grateful that she can help them learn and see them play.


Mrs Kewin is grateful that she has more time to spend with her dog, who just loves being fussed all day. She makes Mrs Kewin smile with her little antics (look at that face!)


Maybe you could get everyone in your family involved! Please tweet some photos and what you are grateful for.


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