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Monday 29th June 2020



Monday 29th June 2020

LI: To use electrical symbols in circuit diagrams


Over the past few weeks you have been asked to revise your knowledge of circuits and electricity from Year 4. Although some children have been able to move onto Year 6 topics easily, it is clear that some children are unsure when focusing specifically on drawing circuits. Today, therefore, we will have a closer look at this again today.


Start by going through the information and videos on this page:

BBC- How do you draw electrical symbols and diagrams?


Task 1: Circuit symbols matching cards.

(If you did this two weeks ago you can leave this part). If you are in school it is worth doing it again as you are now with a teacher who can check it and answer questions.

If you are in school, your teacher may show you some of the real resources from the front of the classroom but you cannot have your own equipment at the moment. If you are unsure about any of the images, please ask for help.


Task 2: Drawing accurate electrical circuits

Here are five images of electrical circuits (first page).

(There are three of each image (5) on the document to print and cut in school).


  • Cut out each image.
  • Stick them into your science book, one at a time (or paper,at home).
  • Then, next to it, draw an accurate scientific diagram of the circuit shown. You should use a ruler to draw straight lines.
  • Look back at your matching cards if you are unsure about any of the symbols.


If you would like more work, or a challenge, have a go at some of the KS3 (High school) circuits on the second page. These are parallel circuits.

Here is a video to help: