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Monday 27th April 2020

Good afternoon Year 6. We hope that you had a lovely weekend but are still missing you all very much.This afternoon you are going to start with some RE and then you are going to return to your Science from last Monday.


Monday 27th April 2020

LI: To learn about Ramadan, including some key terms and definitions.


You will have noticed that on Friday I posted a picture that said Ramadan Mubarak; lots of you will already know all about Ramadan, and some of you might know nothing. Therefore, your RE lesson today will teach you all about it and hopefully answer any questions that you might have.


First read through this PowerPoint. It mainly answers questions that you may have about Ramadan, and hopefully will recap what you have learned throughout school.

At the end of the PowerPoint it tells you to watch this YouTube video. Put subtitles on the video (instructions underneath) and note down the Arabic words that they use.

Yusuf Islam & Children - Ramadan Moon

How to turn on subtitles on YouTube (Click to enlarge)

Did you note down any of these words?

Task: Use the information from the PowerPoint and the video to add the Arabic words next to the definitions from this sheet.

Monday 27th April 2020

LI: To create a line graph to show the growth of my plant


Last Monday I asked you to try and plant a seed, or to try and regrow something from leftover fruit or vegetables. Hopefully by now you have had chance to do this (if not maybe ask your families to help now instead).


There were lots of different ways that you could grow your plant:

You might have planted seeds in pots with soil.

You might have placed a bean into a plastic bag with some damp tissue to watch the germination.

You might have even cut the top off a carrot and planted that!


Miss Hesketh planted sunflowers in pots with soil last week. Some of the sunflowers are already starting to grow!


Today I will show you how to create the graph that we looked at, to track the growth of our plants.

Miss Hesketh's sunflower seeds- after 1 Week.

A graph to show the growth of sunflower seeds. You must include: a title, labelled axes, an equal scale, a key

What could be better about Miss Hesketh's graph?

Deepen your learning here:


The experiment:


I also suggested that you could placed two of your plants in different places and looked at the difference. Today Miss Hesketh has decided to set up this part of the experiment! She planted some more sunflower seeds in soil, and also placed some broad beans in jars with damp paper to watch the germination. She placed one of each somewhere with lots of light, and another one somewhere with no light. She will also create graphs to track the growth of these plants.


I am observing the impact that light has on the growth of plants.


I am keeping these things the same:

amount of seeds/ beans

amount of soil/ damp tissue

date I planted the seeds

amount of watering

date of measurements


I am changing:

the amount of light in each environment


I will measure how much each plant has grown once a week.

Light experiment 1: Sunflower seeds (click to enlarge)

Two pots- the same, with the same amount of soil
Four sunflower seeds from the same packet
Two in each pot, spread out
Covered both with soil
Pot 1- an area with lots of light
Pot 2- an area with not much light

Light Experiment 2: Broad Beans

Broad bean seeds
You need: Two jars (or bags), two beans
Jar 1 with damp tissue in a cupboard
Jar 2 with damp tissue near the window

A graph to show the growth of sunflower seeds (different light) 27.04.2020