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Monday 20th April 2020

This afternoon you are going to do some Science and then write a book review.



First, do this quiz to to recap and 'test' yourself on our last topic: evolution, adaption and inheritance (including habitats). Click on the images to make them bigger.

Check your answers here!

Now look at this information about how plants grow well.

I would like you to plan an investigation involving seeds or growing your own plant in some way. You can use left over fruit or vegetables, or buy some seeds next time your family does a food shop.


There are many different investigations that you could do, depending on what you have at home- or what you choose with your parents. Here are some ideas:

You might remember doing investigation number 64 in Year 5. We placed broad beans inside plastic bags with a damp paper towel and stuck them onto the window. You might also remember that 5H’s beans grew more than 5P’s (and this wasn’t anything to do with Miss Hesketh being better than Mr Paton, haha!) This was because the sun shines on 5H’s windows for a longer period of the day than 5P’s. You know that there are many factors that impact how well a plant grows. You could place your beans in different areas around the house or outside, and see which grows best. Record this using a graph (see example at the bottom of this section).

Miss Hesketh and her sister have planted sunflower seeds. They are going to have a competition to see who’s will grow to be the tallest. Maybe you could have a competition in your house too- or compete against them too. They are going to look after their plants carefully and make a graph to measure how much their plant has grown each week.

Here is an example graph of how to record your Sunflower (or any plant)'s growth.

Task 2: Book review


Next, we would like you to write a book review. Hopefully you finished listening to our class book 'The Boy Who Made The World Disappear' over your Easter holidays.
If not you could use this time to finish listening first. You might have even started your book review then too!

Alternatively, if you have been reading your own book (or more than one like Miss Hesketh) you may prefer to write about this.

Use this powerpoint to help you. When you're finished, tweet us @kensingprimary and also the authors- lots of authors love replying to you too! 

You will find our class Audiobooks here:


The boy who made the world disappear- just finished!

A pinch of magic- start listening to this today :)