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Superhero Instruction Manual book by Kristy Dempsey read aloud!

To support this channel, go to: Anyone can be a superhero and this guidebook will show you how! Just follow six easy steps ...

On Friday it will be superhero day and we can't wait to see your own hero ideas. Today's story will help you decide on your hero type.

Read the story and think about what:

  • What would your hero name be?
  • Can you design yourself a costume?
  • What would your power be?


Design a hero Top Trumps card to let everyone know about your super hero character.

How fast? How strong? How brave?

Can you create a side kick and an evil villain to go along with your hero card?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


This week we will be doing some Super Counting!

Let's start with counting in 2's. 

What can you find in your house that you can count in 2's?

Put them in sets of two to help you count them accurately.


You can play this game to help you practise:

The Counting by Twos Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

Go up into space as you count up by twos with a dog and a song on a crazy rocket cruise! The Counting by Twos song teaches skip counting by 2. If you are lea...



How many super sounds can you say in 1 minute?


Can you be a super sound seeker and look for any of these digraphs in any of your stories at home?


oo  /  ee  /  ar / er / ai / ow / 


You can click on the links below for some worksheets to help you search.