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Hello reception, welcome back to your home learning!


This week the book we are learning about is called 'Super Daisy'

Look at the front cover.

What do you think todays story is about?

Using the front cover to help you, what do you think makes Daisy 'super'?


A man called Kes Grey is reading the book today. He actually wrote this book.

Do you know what word we use to call the person who wrote the book?

Yes that's correct - the author!

Super Daisy: And the Peril of Planet Pea!

A novelty picture book reading by children's author Kes Gray.



This week we are going to learn about the number 11!

To start the week can you complete the following 3 challenges?



Can you make your own super spy messages?

This is so much fun!

Super Spy Messages

Who can complete the misson?