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Song of the Day 

CBeebies House Songs | The Shapes Song

Task - Can you go on a shape hunt around your house today? See if you can take some pictures or draw some of the shapes you find! 
Have a think about the properties of the shapes! 
How many sides can you count?
How many corners can you count? 
Is the shape round?

Task of the Day 

Picture 1

When you play outside or go on your walk today why don't you go on a nature hunt? Take a bag or container with you and see what natural things you can find. Take them home and freeze them! See how they felt before and after you froze them.

Have a think about how the ice feels! Is it smooth or spikey? Is it cold or warm? Is it wet or dry? 


Why don't you grab a pencil and some paper and draw what you have found on your nature hunt?  


Kids Beginners Workout |

Let's get our bodies moving for our Monday P.E!