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Circle Time Activities 
Every day we start our session in Nursery with Circle Time. During circle time we do the days of the week, a song of the day, a shape of the day and a number of the day. It's a fun and engaging way to start our session. Below are the videos of

our days of the week song and our nursery rhyme of the day for you to join in and sing along. 

Days of the week

Can you join in with our Days of the Week song? Today is Monday!

Song of the Day - Incy Wincy Spider

Can you join in with our Song of the Day?



Can you design your own Easter Egg?






Our number of the week is number 4! 
Can you find 4 toys?
Can you find 4 cups?
Can you find 4 shoes?
Can you find 4 pencils?


Action Songs

Can you get moving today and join in with this song?

Story of the Day 

Ollie's Easter Eggs

This week our daily Storytime will be related to Easter as next Sunday is Easter Sunday! What does Ollie look for in the story?