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Monday 18th May 2020

Good afternoon Year 6! We hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for another week of working hard online.

We would like you to begin by watching this short video about being kind to yourself:


Then, this afternoon you will have a music lesson and you will be updating your science graph. After that, you should spend at least twenty minutes on TTRockstars, twenty minutes on Reading Plus and twenty minutes on Spelling Shed.


Miss Hesketh and Miss Owen have been checking every few days who is logging on and we can see that although some people are doing amazingly, some of you haven't at all. It is really important that you keep up your key skills such as reading, times tables and spelling. If you don't know your log in, please contact school and somebody will help you.

First, measure your plants and add this week's measurement to your graph.


Are there any observations to be made?

I can see from the plant with little light that it is growing longer to try and reach the light. The stem is much paler than the one with lots of light though, showing it is not as healthy. I also observed that my bean in a jar has sprouted a stem and some roots. Again, the stem is long trying to reach the light, but is very pale and unhealthy.

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LI:  To develop a performance from a rhythmic sequence

This afternoon you are going to look at how you can use your body and other simple objects (such as cups) as percussion.


You have probably seen 'the cup song' on YouTube, social media or within the film Pitch Perfect. We would like you to have a go!


Your task for today is to learn a rhythmic performance (the cup song/ body beats) and then try to compose one of your own!


Start by looking at the clip from Pitch Perfect (Becca's audition) and follow through this powerpoint:

Task 1: Look at 'Becca's audition' clip from Pitch Perfect and answer the quick questions on the powerpoint.

Task 2: Learn the original 'cup song'.

This YouTube video might help:

Task 3: Compose your own 'cup song' inspired routine. It does not need to be the same song, or even using cups! Could you include a rap? Be as imaginative as you like.


You might like to use a group of people, at home, or on a video call, or you could even "duet" with yourself on video apps such as Tiktok. As always, remember our ESafety rules and to check with your responsible adult before recording or posting anything.


There are some great ideas, lots of videos, and inspiration on this website:

Don't forget to tweet us your compositions!

We all miss you very much and love to see how you are getting on.@Kensingprimary

Some more inspiration of how to use your body in this 'Live' body beats session:

'Body Beats' - online body percussion session, Monday 23/03/20

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