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Maths Ambassadors



Kensington Community Primary are pleased to introduce their new 2016/17 maths ambassador team. Each class has put forward a member of their class who has a love of maths and is enthusiastic about the subject. 


The role of the maths ambassador

  • To share a love of maths with their class.
  • To celebrate achievements.
  • To introduce competitions and new ideas.
  • To raise the profile of maths in school.
  • To lead activities relating to maths.
  • To give the pupils in their class a voice and help them share their ideas.
  • To support other members of the school.



Meet the team


Maida - Representing 1P


Maida loves maths and thinks it is a subject that helps us wherever we go. We need maths in lots of other subjects too and so it is very important. Maida enjoys adding and is learning her times tables.


Maida has a love of maths and is more than happy to share it with her class. Her strong communication skills means she is good at sharing her ideas and listening to others.

Hope - Representing  1B


Hope knows that maths is a subject that helps us inside and outside of school. She likes working with different numbers and can add and take away. 


She enjoys working with her class to solve maths problems and loves to share her class' ideas, making her an excellent maths ambassador. 


AJ - Representing 2H

AJ believes that maths is a key skill in life and all children use every single day. His main area of enjoyment is his times tables and thinks these are very important.


The reason he will make an excellent maths ambassador is because he really wants to help his friends and share their ideas.

Jubair - Representing 2H


Jubair has a love of maths, especially when adding is involved. He has also worked hard this year at learning his times tables because he believes these are very important.


He believes he will make a good maths ambassador because he is a good listener and likes to share everyone's ideas. 


Cameron - Representing 3W


Cameron is full of energy and is happy to use it to celebrate maths in his class and in school. He believes maths is important because you need the skills to be able to answer the questions.


The main area of maths that he loves is dividing - sharing is caring.


Cameron is happy to listen and share ideas, showing he can work well within a team. His motivation always seems to rub off on others. 

Zhi Ming - Representing 3H


3H have chosen a member of their class who is a confident mathematician and is a real role model to others. He is confident with number and can solve problems on paper and in his head.


He would make a great maths ambassador because his main goal is to help others so that they feel as confident as him when they do maths. 

Agung - Representing 4M


If you pick an area of maths, it is very likely Agung enjoys it. He thinks his times tables are quick and these help him solve division problems. He uses his maths every day and it helps him at home.


Agung thinks he will help his classmates and will share ideas to make maths even bigger in our school. He wants to share his enjoyment of maths with others and is happy working within a team.

Mikey - Representing 4W


Mikey thinks maths is one of the most important skills we can have because it is EVERYWHERE! We need it to cook our food, get up at the right time and to buy food.


As a maths ambassador he wants to support his class, share ideas and make sure everyone is involved with maths. 

Elsadiq - Representing 5E


Maths plays a role in Elsadiq's everyday life - he uses it to read the time, to buy things and to cook his food. If he didn't have maths, he would not be able to a lot of things.


Elsadiq wants to share his love of maths with the whole school, bringing new ideas to the group and sharing the thoughts of his classmates. 

Lilly - Representing 5P


Maths is such an important skill for Lilly, so much so she believes it helps to keep us alive! Without adding, subtracting, time and multiplication, she doesn't even think she could make it through the day.


Lilly is an excellent listener and feels this is an important skill when working with her class and within the ambassador team. She also feels being trust worthy is a valuable quality when representing her class. 

Freya - Representing 6N


Freya believes that time is one of the most important skills that we can learn as we use it everyday of our life. Data handling is one of her most favourite areas of maths, especially bar charts.


She will make an excellent ambassador as she has a love of maths and the enthusiasm to share it with her class. Her strong communication skills mean everyone will be listened to and their ideas shared. 

Gracie - Representing 6O


Gracie believes maths provides us with skills for both inside and outside of school. Maths is one of the most important skills in the world and without it, we would be very stuck!


Gracie prides herself on being a good friend and believes this role is about bringing these qualities to both her class and the school. She already finds maths enjoyable and wants to share this with others. 


Monday 7th November

During morning assembly, the maths ambassador team were asked to come out and receive their official maths ambassador badges. The whole school were incredibly proud of their representatives and it was clear to see the pride the children felt in their new role. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Cake Sale

Our maths ambassadors have been working with our parent governors and 'friends of Kensington' parents to advertise and sell cakes. This is a perfect example of (a rather tasty) real life maths. The children helped collect money, calculate totals and work out the necessary change. They were perfect ambassadors for our school and made a lot of people's Wednesday even better. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Reading Book Sale

Our reading ambassadors have been showing off their maths skills, as they ran an after school book sale. There is nothing better than a good book but it is even better when it is at these prices! SALE in the family room!

Maths Poster Competition - November to December


It is competition time in Kensington and our maths ambassadors are leading the way. This week they have returned to their class with a selection of posters to set the task of designing a maths based poster. It must include one of the following:

  • Why maths is important to our city
  • How a positive attitude helps us in our maths
  • How we use maths at home
  • How people use maths in their jobs
  • How parents and adults help us with our maths.


A winner will be chosen from each class and their prize will be a trip to Liverpool Ice Rink for an early Christmas treat!


Year 5 and 6 Christmas entrepreneur challenge


Christmas is quickly approaching and it is time to set our maths ambassadors another challenge. This time year 5 and 6 will be given a small amount of money and they must make a profit at the upcoming Christmas fayre. As a class they will have to decide on what to make, identify and purchase ingredients and decide on a price based on their profit margins.




The role of the maths ambassador is growing and they are now going to be bringing a whole new range of games to enquiry time. These games will have a maths focus, whether that be point scoring, timing or measuring.


16th January- Maths ambassadors met up to plan a variety of games to bring

to enquiry time. The most popular games were: -

  • Flying saucers
  • Four Zones
  • Target



The Flying Saucer Game - explanation

Still image for this video

Flying Saucer game - in action!

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Quad zone - how to play

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Quad game in play

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Target game

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Target games - maths explained

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Key Stage 1: Maths Walk


The year 1 and year 2 maths ambassadors, along with Mr Briscoe, went on a walk through key stage 1, looking to celebrate the maths within the school. There was no part of the classrooms left unexplored as the ambassadors did an amazing job. They were  incredibly proud and impressed by the displays, resources, pupil voice and cross curricular work on display.


It is fair to say that Kensington loves maths and they want everyone to know about it!

Key Stage 2 - Maths Walk


Our key stage 2 maths ambassadors were out on the hunt for maths in their classrooms and they found a variety of fantastic examples. Take a look at our variety of pictures below, demonstrating maths is everywhere! 

Wow Visitor Questionnaires

As part of the maths ambassador role, the children are constantly on the lookout to talk maths. Throughout the year we have been fortunate enough to have specialist visitors come in and work with our classes for a variety of subjects. Our maths ambassadors have done a fantastic job of interviewing them and gaining their thoughts on all things maths. Take a loot at our 'maths at work' page to see what they found out from their discussions.