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2.4.20 – To partition numbers


Watch this video to remind yourself how we partition numbers using base 10


Complete the table filling in the missing sections. You can draw the whole table using the paper in your pack.




1.4.20 – To read and write numbers


Watch the video from yesterday and make sure you say each number aloud.


Can you match the number to the word? Use the word mat to check your answers.




31.3.20 – To count on and place numbers on a number line


Get up and moving by joining in with this song and dance!


Use your counting skills to count how many is in each group and then place the missing number on the number line.



30.3.20 – To find one more and one less


Watch the video to remind yourself how we find one more and one less.


Use the number line to help you answer the questions below.



1) Find one more than the numbers on these bows.



2) Find one less than the numbers on these bows.



3) Now find one more and one less than the numbers on these bows.


27.3.20 - Arithmetic


Find Arithmetic paper Week 1 in your Home Learning pack and set yourself 20 minutes to complete it in. When you are finished, mark it yourself, but don't look at the answers until you have finished the whole paper! Write your score at the top of the page and keep it in your pack for when we come back to school.

26.3.20 - recognising coins and making amounts

Use this to help you.

Picture 1
Order the coins in England from smallest to largest. Draw the coins carefully and say what they are e.g. 5p or £1 
Picture 1
Task 2 - draw the coins to make each amount of money at the top of each box. 
Picture 1

25.3.20 - Find the cost of each ice cream by adding the coins.



24.3.20 - Addition with Money


Use your addition skills to work out how much is in each jar. Remember to start with the coin that is worth the most first. You may want to draw a number line to help you.


Picture 1
Picture 1