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Math Magician

Week 1 - 7th October

A huge well done to our very first math magicians!
Reception - Eliana Tekle     Kelly Tar


Week 2 - 14th October

A huge well done to this week's math magicians!

Week 3 - 4th November

Our first week back after half term and a huge well done to our group of math magicians. Great work!

Week 4 - 7th November

Wow! A huge well done to our mathemagicians, who have worked incredibly hard to build and apply their maths skills this week.

Week 5 - 14th November

A huge congratulations to this week's mathemagicians. Keep up the hard work!


Week 6 - 21st November

Our mathemagicians continue to shine in each class. Well done everybody and keep celebrating maths!

Week 7 - 13th January

It is great to hear so many children being given the mathemagician award for their resilience and determination. Keep it up!

Week 8 - 20th January

It is great to see children showing so much pride when receiving the mathemagician award. Very much deserved, keep up the hard work!

Week 9 - 27th January


We had a great range of skills on display this week from our maths magicians. It was nice to see so much teamwork, collaboration and creativity on display.

Week 10 - 3rd February


The mathemagicians continue to shine. So many children have been given the award for their excellent conversion skills in their conversion lessons. Well done!

Week 11 - 10th February
Maths is truly everywhere, so many mathemagicians have told me they have been awarded with the certificate this week because they have been using their maths skills in other subjects. You have to love cross-curricular maths.


Week 12 - 17th February


An extra special mathemagician week as today was our NSPCC Number Day celebration. Well done - great to hear such a wide range of maths being used in class, especially when it involves teamwork and supporting others.  

Week 13 - 3rd March


This week it was great to hear about all the practical measuring taking place throughout the school. We might have some future builders. bakers or scientists on our hands. Well done Mathemagicians!


Week 14 - 10th March

 Our Mathemagicians this week have won the award for a variety of reasons - teamwork, visualising and good use of the resources are just a few to mention. Well done, keep it up!

Week 14 - 17th March


This week's mathemagicians have been busy working with a variety of people. It was great to see so many children were awarded the certificate because of their helping nature and also demonstrating puzzle games to their classmates and to their parents.

Week 15 - 24th March


A huge 'red nose' well done to our mathemagicians this week! Problem solving was certainly taking place this week and look at all these happy faces.

Week 16 - 31st March


After a great Kensington Grand National, it was great to see so many pupils were given the award for their resilience and quick arithmetic skills.