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Independent Maths

Kensington Community primary school try to offer numerous opportunities for our pupils to access maths outside of their maths lesson.


Classroom Maths

Within class there are a selection of puzzles, brain teasers and riddles. Whenever the children have the opportunity to complete some independent tasks, they can choose from a wide selection to enjoy.

Enquiry Time Maths

Enquiry time for each year group means the pupils can choose to go outside to play, go to the art room to display their creativity or go to the ICT suite to explore a variety of computing activities. Having this opportunity means the children can participate in 'maths fun' during their enquiry time - this might be going to the maths area to complete a puzzle or play a board game, or going to the ICT suite to try a range of maths programs (Education City, Numeracy workout or My Maths). Outside on the playground our maths ambassadors are leading the way in offering maths based games that they have planned and created.

Key Stage 1

The 'Quad Game' in action!

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Breakfast Club

Outside of our school day, breakfast club and a variety of after school clubs offer opportunities for maths. Once the children have finished their piece of toast or bowl of cereal they can play a variety of board games or complete some maths puzzles.

After School Club

There are numerous after school clubs that have strong maths links.

  • Chess Club - counting the number of moves to victory, pattern recognition
  • Cookery Club - Measuring a variety of foods, researching food prices and ratio to ensure there is enough for everyone to sample.
  • Colour Club - Working with shape, space and measure to create a variety of eye-catching designs.
  • Year 5 and 6 puzzle club - A variety of puzzles that require number, pattern recognition and resilience to crack them.
  • Year 3 and 4 puzzle club - We have been very lucky to have Kirst Knights (All Saint's Lead Children's Worker) come and deliver a variety of puzzles to our pupils, leaving them hooked for the following week.

Parent and child 'Fun club'

One of our after school clubs is very popular and allows our parents to come and join in the fun. 'Fun Club' offers parents the chance to come and play a variety of games with their children and this is a great opportunity to offer a selection of maths based games. Now we see where the children get their tactical and strategic skills from!

My Maths at home

At home, all of our pupils have access to 'My Maths', a website that provides specific homework set by the class teacher. It also has a range of great games that enable the children to develop key maths skills through a challenging yet enjoyable approach.