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Friday 22nd May 2020

Good afternoon Year 6!


To end your half term, you have your usual Friday PE and wellbeing.

We would also like to challenge you to some cooking! We know that you might not have the ingredients in your house so either find a recipe with ingredients that you do have (maybe you could help to make dinner tonight). If not, you can complete this once your parents have done a food shop! There are lots of ideas on the 'cooking' page (Easter and some new ones added), the bread recipes from Week 2 (Friday 3rd April) or Ramadan recipes on yesterday's afternoon page (links below).

Congratulations. You have made it through another half term of home learning! You have worked super hard and now have a whole week to do whatever you would like to- it is half term! We will add some more activities to your 'Holidays' page. Stay safe- we really hope that we will see you soon.