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Ten Rules of Being a Superhero - Kids Books Read Aloud

Ten Rules of being a Superhero Author & Illustrator - Deb Pilutti #StorytimeAnytime #10RulesOfBeingASuperhero #KidsBooks ABOUT THE BOOK In order to be a real...

It's Friday so it's time for our big question of the week!

Read the story again.

  • Think about the different rules, should we always follow these rules? Why or why not?
  • What about rule 1? should you always answer a call for help yourself? Or should you get help? Why?
  • What about rule 9? Should you save people without thinking of your own safety? Why?
  • Think about different ways you can help others but stay safe yourself.



Can you make a poster about ways to stay safe? 

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Make a board game, draw a big snake with 10 sections. Write the numbers 1 to 10 in each section with the start and the number 0 at the tail and the finish point to be the head.

Think of some superhero challenges you can do for each space such as if you land on number 3 you have to twirl round 3 times like a whirlwind; or if you land on number 6 you need to do 6 super jumps.

Roll the dice, what number do you land on? Can you do the challenge? How many more spaces do you need to get the finish?

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