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Creative Activity

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Maths activity


Using the set of numbers in your pack can you either put them in a pile or spread them out and pick a card, saying what is 1 more than that number. Play again but this time say what is 1 less than. You could also use a pack of playing cards. Don't forget our number focus this week is 9.


What is 1 more than 9?

What is 1 less than 9?

Maths activity

Remember which number is 1 more/less than 9



Today our focus is the sounds:


oa   ai

Click on the link to explore these sounds with Geraldine the giraffe.


Don't forget the sounds challenge, how many sounds can you get right in 1 minute?


Building words:


How many words can you make that contain the sounds ai or oa? You can use the picture below to help you if you are stuck. Can you make 9 words?

Literacy task


Using the picture you drew of your favourite animal from our story this week (Walking through the Jungle) can you now add some labels. Use the sounds you can hear in the words to label the parts of the animal. There is an example below to help you.