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Wednesday 1st April 2020
LI: To understand adverbial phrases

In today’s lesson, you will need to apply everything you have learnt so far about adverbial phrases.

Don’t forget to go on Reading Plus for at least 30 minutes and practise your spellings on
Spelling Shed too!

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Tuesday 31st March 2020
LI: To identify adverbial phrases


Write the sentences below down in your neatest handwriting. Use a ruler to underline the adverbial phrases.

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Monday 30th March 2020

LI: To sort adverbial phrases


This week, we will be looking at adverbial phrases, fronted adverbials and thinking about how to use them in our own writing. 


Don't forget to go on Reading Plus daily for 30 minutes and Spelling Shed to! 




An adverbial is a phrase or clause that has been used like an adverb to add further information about the action in a sentence. 


Adverbials are used to explain how (manner), when (time) or where (place) something happens. 


For example: 

She was waiting by the bus stop.
The boy ran as fast as he could.

John went for a swim every morning


Draw your own table like the one below and sort the adverbials into the correct column.





Picture 1
Picture 2