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School Holiday Activities

Not sure what to do today? Roll a dice once to choose the column and again for the row. If you don't have dice at home, you can roll one using this link:
Maybe you didn't complete all of the activities on 'Easter Bingo'- take a look and see how many you can catch up with:

6H vs 6O

Beginning at 3:30pm on Friday 22nd May and finishing at 9:00am on Monday 1st June, 6H and 6O will battle it out on TT Rockstars! Who will be crowned the champions?! How many points can  you gain for your team?

Keep your handwriting beautiful with a little practise each day

It is more important than ever to keep reading!

You can listen to our class Ebook (or choose another from the World Book Day podcasts), go on reading plus, read your home reader or listen to an abundance of authors reading aloud on YouTube and Facebook- such as David Walliams!

May Half Term Challenge: (commencing 25th May 2020)


Book 2: 

A Pinch of Magic by Michelle Harrison


Over half term try to catch up on any of the book that you have missed, and finish Chapter 26 (15 minutes) and the Epilogue (9 minutes). Then try to write a review or tweet the author @MHarrison13 

Machines challenge:

How will your invention change the world?

Machines are all around us and we are relying on them more and more in our daily lives. Your challenge for this week is to come up with an idea for a machine of your own. What will it look like? What can it do? Think of all those tiresome jobs you wish you didn't have to do and design a machine that can do them for you. You could have a machine to cook dinner and do all the washing up, tidy your bedroom, or even do your homework (Ssh! Don't tell your teacher!)! Need a stimulus to get your inventive powers moving? Follow the link below to the BBC Ten Pieces site and watch the videos introducing you to a very modern, minimalist piece of music called 'Short Ride in a Fast Machine' by John Adams. It's perfect for inspiring budding machine inventors. You can learn what the music is about, watch a dance tutorial by Diversity based on the music and hopefully get some inspiration.



I would like you to draw and label your machine to show how it is built and what it is capable of. After that, see if you can come up with a way of advertising your invention to the world. This could be in the form of a leaflet, a poster, or even a TV advert with your own jingle. See how creative you can be and if you can, tweet some of your ideas for us to see.



World and National Special Days:

Every year, special days are celebrated in our country and in countries all around the world. We all know some of the big ones, such as Christmas Day and Easter Sunday, but how about some of the others? Were you aware, for example, that May 23rd is World Turtle Day, that May 26th is Paper Airplane Day (originating in the USA) and 29th May is...... wait for it....... National Biscuit Day here in the UK?!! So, whether you love a chocolate digestive, are partial to a Jammy Dodger, or just can't get enough of those custard creams, today is a day to rejoice, break out the biscuit tin and join in the celebrations! In honour of this sweetest of occasions (ha, ha - see what I did there?), it would be great to do a bit of research into how this day started and to enter into the fun! Why not bake biscuits at home, or design a new biscuit you think lots of people would like? You could even try making rainbow biscuits as part of our thanks to the NHS. Photos of your biscuit eating (but not too many), baking and designs would be great to see on our twitter feed! Here is a recipe idea to get you started:


Chocolate chip cookies


What is National Biscuit Day?


National Biscuit Day is a chance to celebrate the humble biscuit. What's quite surprising is the historical importance that biscuits have as an essential source of nutrition to many different people and civilisations throughout history. 

Biscuits are not a modern invention and started life as a way of making flour and other ingredients last longer so that they could be taken on long journeys. They were a staple on long sailing expeditions for the Ancient Egyptians and kept many a Roman soldier energised during their conquest.


Paper Airplane Day (26th May)

Now you are in the mood for celebrating, why not find out about some of those other special days. Why, for example, is Paper Airplane Day so popular in the USA and how did it start? Have a go at making some paper planes yourself. You could decorate them in rainbow colours, or any fun design you like. See if you can make the ultimate paper plane that can soar through the air like a bird. Challenge yourself to improve your design and make your plane fly further. What is the world record for the distance flown by a paper aeroplane? Can you find out and beat it?








Joga's got talent was in the Easter holidays (April) but if you still have a talent to share I am sure Mr O'Shea would still love to see them on twitter.


JOGA's Got Talent!

Joga's got talent is back! You didn't think we would let you miss it did you?! I know lots of you have spent a long time practising dances, beat boxing, keepy-uppies so we want you to put it to the test!


Rules of talent show:

1. Get a family member to film a talent and put it either on school twitter feed or direct message the school twitter account - Twitter replies only please. Search @kensingprimary on twitter or click here:

2. A parent or guardian must submit the video for on behalf of the children.

3. You have until Friday 17th April to submit your talents.

4. You can submit as many entries as you would like. Feel free to get parents and other family members involved!

5. There will be 3 winners chosen, one from foundation stage, one from key stage 1 and one from key stage 2.

6. Have fun, use your imagination and get your parents/guardians to help!


Here are some ideas to get you started:




Magic tricks


Sports skills e.g. football keep ups etc


And many more.

Over Easter:

Try to finish the book. Listening to Chapters 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and the Epilogue would take you about 75 minutes (1 hour 15 minutes). You can choose to do this in one go, or a little each night.



Write a review, a 'Blurb' or make a poster about this book? Tweet it to us @kensingprimary and tag the author @ActualBenMiller !