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Easter Fun


How To Share Your Work

We know you are all working hard on your tasks but we would love to see what you are up to. 

Twitter: If you start your tweet with @kensingprimary and end with the #year5homelearning we will be able to share them on our page.
Email: You can email us with examples of your work at


So your Easter break is going to look slightly different this year and so we decided to offer a variety of challenges to keep you entertained. So have a go and see how many challenges you can complete.


Remember to share your completed tasks on twitter (start with @KensingPrimary and include the #year5homelearning)


Task 1:

Create an entry for this year's Joga's Got Talent. All entries have to be submitted to the school twitter account by the 17th April.

Task 2:

How many of the 60 second physical challenges can you complete?

Task 3: 20 English Challenges

Task 5: Science Investigations

Task 6: The 10 Day Challenge

Easter Suggestions