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Design Technology

Year 2 (Shape and Space)

If you were given a set of giant blocks, what would you do with it? The creativity was out on display in Year 2 as they worked together to create their very own train. This required a good understanding of the shapes and being able to position them correctly.


Year 2 (Measure)

Being able to get the perfect healthy smoothie is not an easy task - you need to think about your ingredients and getting the ratio just right. Year 2 took on the task, with the support of Mrs Barka.


Year 5 (Measure)

There is nothing better than a good soup during the Winter days and Year 5 were on hand to create a batch of Mr Paton's homemade soup. Using a recipe from World War 1, the children followed a step by step recipe to make a rather tasty meal.


Year 3 - (Problem solving using money and measurement)

Jack, Scott and Emily are stranded on an island and they need to build themselves a shelter. Year 3 worked together to buy materials that were the correct height and weight for each child's shelter. 


Year 3 - Measuring

Today, Year 3 have been having a Spanish feast. We have made Spanish Easter cakes, Spanish salsa and delicious sangria. We have measured the weight and capacity of the ingredients. We can’t wait to use our cooking and maths skills at home.


Year 1 (Shape, space and measure)

Our year 1 pupils were getting a first hand experience what it would be like to be the next big fashion designer. Year 1 created the next big craze in bear fashion by using their knowledge of shape and symmetry to create '2017's must have'. Feel free to take a look at their creations and I am sure they would be willing to make an outfit for you...for the right price!