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Year 1 (Shape)

You could ask any child in Year 1 to describe the Gruffalo. He is a beast with terrible claws, ferocious eyes and spots on his nose. Year 1 used the art software to recreate the terrible creature, using a variety of shapes and colours. I think you will agree, they did a pretty good job!


Year 1 (Positional language)

These beebots are funny gadgets and it takes someone with good positional language to get it from one end of the maze to the other.  In Year 1, they wrote a range of directional instructions and put the beebots to the test.


Year 5 (Applying maths skills)

Year 5 have been using our 'numeracy workout' program during some extra ICT time to secure the learning in their maths lessons. This is a great resource to look at some of the topics that the children are still finding a little bit tricky.


Year 6 (Data Collecting)

Like anything in life, if you're going to do something then you might as well do it to the best of your ability and the same applies to investigations. As a year group we wanted to carry out a variety of investigations linked to sound, light and noise and to enable us to get the most accurate readings, we have decided to use 'data loggers'. Technology enables us to get the most accurate results and therefore the strongest conclusions.


Year 4 (problem solving)

Ever wondered how a game is created? Well year 4 have been taking on the role of a 'games designer' and explored the world of coding. They have been working with a range of variables to make an interactive game where the mouse is being chased by the cat. By changing the variables the children were able to make the game easier and be prepared for a rather challenging game!