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Monday 6th July 2020


Good morning Year 3! It has been a while since we posted a good morning message to you, we hope you are all okay and still having lots of fun learning at home. 


This week will be the last full week of Home Learning, as next week we will be doing some fun end of year activities to round of our year together!


We cannot believe that this year has gone so fast and you will all be going to Year 4 very soon! Let's all make the most of our home learning this week and do our very best, we believe in you! 


Don't forget that you should be going on TT Rockstars, Spelling shed and Reading Plus. 


Have a great week! 


Mr Hilton, Miss Moran and Miss Telfer 😃 

Monday 22nd June 2020


Welcome back to a new week everyone! It is supposed to be much sunnier and warmer this week so make sure you drink plenty of water and use sun lotion if you are going out. 


There is a Boys vs Girls battle on TTRockstars for all of Year 3 so log in to get points for your team!


Keep checking your English, maths and wider curriculum work each day, and keep your mind and your body active.


Stay safe, stay hydrated, and be kind!

Thursday 18th June 2020


Good morning everyone. What do you think of all the thunder and lightning we have had this week? I like watching it from indoors but don't fancy being caught outside in a thunder storm!


Don't forget to have a go on TTRockstars, Reading Plus and Spelling Shed. If you have any questions then message us on Reading Plus.


Stay safe and be kind.

Wednesday 17th June 2020


Happy Wednesday everyone! How are you all?


It was my dog's birthday yesterday so I thought I'd share a photo of her looking cute with her birthday PUPcake. This is Rowena celebrating being the big 3.



If you have had your birthday during lockdown, I hope you managed to still have fun and enjoy your day. We've missed celebrating with you!


Keep up the hard work everyone, keep having fun, and, of course, keep being kind.


Tuesday 16th June 2020


Good Morning Year 3! 


What crazy weather we had yesterday, it was very warm and then all of a sudden it rained extremely heavy! Mr Hilton wants to know why this happens, can you use google to find out why and how this happens?


Tweet us with your answers @kensingprimary #year3homelearning


Monday 15th June 2020


Hello and welcome to another week of home learning. 


Can you believe that there are 4 full weeks left of this school year- It has gone so fast! We've certainly missed being in school and seeing all of you. 


Have fun this week and remember to stay safe and be kind. 

Friday 12th June 2020


Happy Friday everyone and well done for completing another week of home learning! We hope you have some nice plans for the weekend and that the rain stays away for a bit and the sun shines! Enjoy yourselves, stay safe and be kind.

Thursday 11th June 2020


Good Morning Year 3! 


How are you today? Remember it's important to talk about how you are feeling with those around you. 


Here is a video to brighten your day! 


Hakuna Matata (From "The Lion King")

Tuesday 9th June 2020


Hi everyone. How are you all this week? 


I'm going to link to some important websites that you should be using to keep up with your learning and to keep busy. 




Keep working hard, looking after yourself and others, and being kind!

Monday 8th June 2020


Good morning Year 3 and happy Monday! 


We hope that you have had a good weekend and are ready for another week of home learning. Can you believe that we have only 5 weeks left of the last half term of this School year! Time has definitely flown exceptionally fast this year. 


Have fun with your activities this week and remember to stay safe, keep smiling and as always, be kind

Thursday 4th June 2020


Happy Thursday everyone! How are you? 

Are you all still reading at least once a day? It’s a great way to pass the time and escape out of your house and into a different world. Did you know that JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter, has written a new book? It’s called The Ickabog and she is releasing one chapter a day here:


There is also a competition for children your age to do some of the illustrations for when the book is published!


Share the story with some of your family and see what you think. 

Wednesday 3rd June 2020


Good morning Year 3.


We hope that you had a good day yesterday! It's safe to say that the weather has changed- it's now raining and very grey! Fingers crossed the warm weather comes back soon. 


Remember to keep yourself active, Joe Wicks is still doing his morning PE lesson, here's the link incase you don't have it!


Keep smiling everyone and have fun with your home learning today. 

Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Good morning all. We hope that today finds you happy and well and ready to take on any challenges that the day brings! 


It's important that we look after ourselves and also others during times like these. We'll leave you with one of our hymn practice songs for you to sing along with today. Join in with the signing too!

Refuge - Sing Up

The messages in this reflective song help us to think about what it is like to feel on the 'outside' of a group. Find out more at

Monday 1st June 2020


Good morning Year 3 and welcome back! 


We hope that you have had a lovely half term holiday.  We have had some really nice weather over the past week, let's hope that the sun keeps shining this week too!


We have put together some different learning opportunities for you to take part in over the next few weeks, It would be great to see the work that you have been completing at home. So don't forget to Tweet us @kensingprimary #year3homelearning


Remember you also have ReadingPlus, TTRockstars and Spellingshed passwords in your packs, it would be great to see more of you logging on! 


Stay safe, Be kind! 



Friday 22nd May 2020


Happy Friday everyone! Congratulations (to you and your families) on completing a full half term of home learning! Thank you to everyone who has been coming on to complete some work, and to those who have been logging onto TTRockstars, Spelling Shed, Numbots and Reading Plus. It isn't always easy working from home (we know because we are working from home too!) so give yourselves a thumbs up/round of applause/pat on the back/special treat. 


Enjoy your week off. Stay safe, look after each other, and be kind!

Thursday 21st May 2020


Hello year 3! We're now only 1 day way from the weekend and our half term holiday- although it may feel like we've had a very long holiday so far!


It was very warm yesterday, we hope that you managed to get outside for some fresh air and exercise. Let's hope that it is the same today- fingers crossed! 


Have fun with your home learning today, it has been really nice for us to see some of your work, so keep tweeting us @kensingprimary #year3homelearning.


Keep smiling! 🌞 

Wednesday 20th May 2020


We're half way through the week and the sun has started to shine! It's half term next week so have a final push over the next few days on completing your work and then we can all have a well earned week off!


Well done to everyone who has been logging into TTRockstars, Spelling Shed, Numbots and Reading Plus recently. We've noticed a few more names appearing on there and that is great to see!


Remember that this week is Mental Health Awareness week and, while we should always be paying attention to our mental health, we want to have a special focus on it this week. I really like this activity as it gets you thinking about how you are feeling. We can have lots of different emotions and feelings at once! 



Stay safe everyone, look after yourselves and, as always, be kind.

Tuesday 19th May 2020


Hello Year 3 and Happy Tues-YAY. How are you today? Let's hope that the weather is a bit better, Mr Hilton had to go out in his big coat yesterday! (Keeping his 2 metre distance from others, of course)


Did you manage to listen to the second chapter of Harry Potter yesterday? If not have a go at listening to it today- the link is in yesterdays message! 


This week is mental health awareness week, so remember to look after yourself, talk to those closest to you, smile and be KIND! 


Have a go at this activity below;


Monday 18th May 2020


Happy Monday everyone and welcome to the start of a new week! What do you have planned for this week? It looks like it's going to be quite warm so try to get busy outdoors and have some fun. Remember to keep yourself and those around you safe though - keep washing your hands and keep your distance from people you don't live with.


If you haven't been keeping up with it yourself, here is the second chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for you to listen to



Friday 15th May 2020


Good Morning Year 3!


We are sorry that there was no message yesterday, we completely forgot- remember a mistake is something that you can learn from. 


We hope that you are okay and have had a good week, we know lots of you are doing the work that we set for you, well done! Don't worry if you don't understand something, keep it in your brain, tell yourself that it is okay and remember to ask Mr Hilton, Miss Telfer and Miss Moran when you get back to school! We will help you. 


Have a lovely weekend Year 3, We miss you and we can't wait to see each and everyone of you! 


Stay safe and as always Be kind. 

Wednesday 13th May 2020


Good Morning year 3! 


We hope that you have had a goodnights sleep and are ready and raring to work through your home learning today.


Mr Hilton, Miss Telfer and Miss Moran would really like to see some more of the work that you have been completing at home, It really makes our day! 


So don't forget to tweet, if you can, your work today to @kensingprimary #year3homelearning


P.S. There may be a challenge between 3H, 3T and 3M on TTRockstars, we are very competitive and Mr Hilton thinks his class has a very good chance of winning ;) Prove him wrong!

Monday 11th May 2020


Good Morning Year 3 and welcome to week 7 of home learning. We hope that you have had a lovely weekend, although it is slightly colder than it was on Saturday! 


You may hear lots of different things on the news about schools over the coming days but the most important information will come from us, we will let you know what is happening when we know more! We want you to remember that we are here for you, we are thinking about you and we will see you soon. 


Have fun this week and we'll check back in with you in the morning. 


Stay safe, be kind!

Thursday 7th May 2020


Good morning everyone and happy Thursday! Today is actually the last day of learning for this week because tomorrow is a bank holiday! In May, the bank holiday is usually on the first Monday of the month but because this year is a special anniversary of VE Day  it has been moved to tomorrow for this year only. VE day celebrates the Allied forces (which included Great Britain) achieving victory in World War II, which ended the war in Europe. It is an important part of British history.


These videos explain this more


Enjoy your longer weekend and remember to keep yourself safe and to be kind.

Wednesday 6th May 2020


Happy Wednesday everyone! How are you all doing today? We hope you are all keeping up with your reading. It is a great way to keep your mind going, fill time in your day, and to help you to relax. Don't forget we have lots of links on the main Year 3 page to follow for online books and audio books. You can also listen to all of the first Harry Potter book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone here. They are release a new chapter a week and it is being read by a different celebrity each week. The first one is Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry in the films. Check it out

Tuesday 5th May 2020


Hello all! We hope you are all happy and well and enjoying this lovely bright and sunny Tuesday.


Just a reminder that as well as completing the online tasks we put up, you should all still be doing TTRockstars, Numbots, Spelling Shed and Reading Plus if possible. We can see that some of you are logging in lots and having a really good go. Congratulations to everyone who has been completing their sessions on TTRockstars and those who have earned a certificate in Reading Plus! Keep up the great work!


TT Rockstars


Spelling Shed

Reading Plus The site code for Reading Plus is rpkensi1


All your logging in details are in your home learning pack.

Monday 4th May 2020


Good day all and May the fourth be with you all! We hope you have had a lovely weekend and are feeling good about starting a new week. If you're not feeling too good, take some time today to do something that you know makes you feel better. Some type of exercise usually helps! Try this Super Movers dance:

Stay safe, keep busy, and be kind.

Friday 1st May 2020


It's Friday!! We hope you have all had a good week and have something nice planned for the weekend. You could plan to bake something, call a family member, arrange to play some games online with your friends, or have a movie night with your family. Try to do something fun to celebrate the weekend. 


I'm going to leave you with a song that has been stuck in my head for weeks! This version uses Makaton, which is a type of sign language. See if you can learn the signs as you sing along.

Thank You Baked Potato with Makaton - by Singing Hands

We've been tormented by this earworm by comedian Matt Lucas all week so we are passing it on to you but with added #Makaton! This is a fundraising song for o...

Thursday 30th April 2020


How are you feeling today? Make sure you take some time each day to check in with how you're feeling and talk about it with other people in your house as well. Remember that it's ok to have good and bad days, and that we can help each other to get through them together. Check out some of the activities on our wellbeing page (linked below) to help you get some calm, focus, and mindfulness into your days.


Keep up the good work everyone. Stay strong, stay safe, and be kind! 

Wednesday 29th April 2020


Greetings Year 3 and welcome back on this cold and rainy Wednesday. We hope that you're all happy and well and enjoying your learning activities. Here is one of our favourite Michael Rosen poems. We miss hearing you all saying it along with Michael but if you do it loud enough at home we might just hear you!


We also want to remind you that BBC Bitesize is doing fantastic lessons for Year 3 which you can find on iPlayer. They are 20 minutes and a new episode is put on every weekday. They cover lots of our Year 3 learning, plus some extra for fun. Follow this link and you can find all the episodes from Week 1 and Week 2, or some of you may be able to download them on your TV at home.


Stay safe everyone and keep being kind!

Tuesday 28th April 2020


Good Morning Year 3! 


We hope that you had a great day yesterday and managed to get on with some excellent home learning. It's not very sunny today but that doesn't mean that we can't still smile our day away 😁.


We are very proud of every single one of you and can't wait to see you all again when school re-opens, remember that Miss Telfer, Miss Moran and Mr Hilton all love to see the work that you have been completing on our school Twitter- so keep posting @kensingprimary #year3homelearning. 


Have a great day and remember to be kind to those around you. 

Monday 27th April 2020


Welcome back all and happy Monday! We hope you are all safe, well and happy. We know that staying at home for so long can be tough but remember that you are doing a great job and keeping yourselves and others safe. Have you learnt any new skills while you have been staying at home? We would love to see them so share them with us on Twitter @KensingPrimary.

Friday 24th April 2020


Good Morning Year 3! Happy Friday #Fri-yay. 


We hope that you have enjoyed this week's home learning. It has been great to see that a lot of you have been working hard on TTRockstars, Spelling Shed and Reading Plus - keep up the hard work as we can see your progress! 


Remember to stay safe, stay home and be kind to each other! 


We would also like to say Ramadan Mubarak to all those beginning Ramadan today. Enjoy this special time with your families.






Thursday 23rd April 2020


Happy Thursday everyone! We hope that you and your families are all happy and healthy and enjoying some time together. We have set you tasks for today but if you want to do more then the BBC Bitesize website has lots of great lessons for Year 3.

We will directing you to some of them, but feel free to do others as well!


There are also some great lessons on the BBC iPlayer, which you can get online and also on the Red Button and interactive services on your TV at home. 

Give them a go! 


Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Good Morning Year 3. We hope you are read for another fun day of home learning. We have lots of fun activities for you to do, so make sure you wake up, shake up and get prepared to learn! 


Today is Earth Day so make sure you take a minute to look outside and appreciate our Earth. Although times may be difficult we still live on an incredible planet- take a minute to look up at the clouds. What can you see? 


Follow the link below for an amazing look at our night sky by Brian Cox..


Tuesday 21st April 2020


Happy Tuesday! We hope you are all well, safe and keeping busy. It is a beautiful day today so try to get some sunshine and fresh air (safely of course) if you can. Keep looking out for each other, working hard, and enjoying time spent with your families.


We'll leave you with a little joke ...


What did 0 say to 8?


...Nice belt!


Monday 20th April 2020


Hello again everyone and welcome back to your home learning page! We hope you all had a good Easter break and managed to keep busy. Have a go at the work we have put up for today and we will see you again here tomorrow. I'll leave you with one of our classic hymn practice songs to start your day and remember to stay safe, stay healthy and be kind to each other. 


Friday 3rd April 2020


Hello Year 3 and welcome to the last day of Week 2 Home Learning! Today would actually be the last day of our Spring term before we break up for the Easter holidays. As many of you will know, that means we should be doing Joga's Got Talent this afternoon. Don't worry too much about missing out though, as Mr O'Shea is putting our own online version of Joga's Got Talent on Twitter this afternoon. Follow to see what's going on!


We won't be posting any new work for the next 2 weeks. However, we have set up an Easter Activities page on the main Year 3 page with ideas to keep you active, entertained, and thinking over the Easter break. You should also still be logging into your TTRockstars, Reading Plus and Spelling Shed.


Enjoy the break but make sure you keep yourselves safe, look out for each other, and as always, be kind.


Thursday 2nd April 2020


Happy Thursday Year 3! Here’s a song to make you smile today


Enjoy your day, stay safe, and be kind to each other.


Wednesday 1st April 2020


Good morning year 3 and happy 1st April- try not to play too many pranks at home! 


We hope that you are having a great week so far and are getting on with your tasks well! We know a lot of you are! 


Keep up the good work Year 3! 

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Good morning/afternoon everyone! We hope you’re all happy and well, and settling into a routine at home. Remember to keep your body and your mind active each day, and to be helpful and kind to those around you.


Well done for checking the website, and we can see that some of you are logging into TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed and Reading Plus. Thank you to those that have logged on, and if you haven’t yet then please set aside some time this week to go on them. Check out your learning activities for today and I’ll leave you with a little video to cheer you all up!


Monday 30th March 2020


Good morning Year 3 and welcome to week 2 of home learning. We have lots of different activities for you to complete this week so we hope you're ready to get stuck in! 


We are certainly missing you all and can't wait to get back to school when we can. Remember to keep smiling, keep safe and be kind. 


Until tomorrow : ) 

Friday 27th March 2020


Happy Friday everyone! We hope you have had a fun and relaxing week. We have missed seeing you every day but we know that we have to do what’s best to keep everyone safe and healthy.


Don’t forget to tag us on Twitter @KensingPrimary with any work you have been completing, and you can also message us through Reading Plus if you are having any problems with anything.


We hope everyone is keeping active – our legs are sore from doing Joe Wicks each morning! Try to complete some of the tasks we have set for today and then enjoy your weekend.


Stay safe. Stay home. Be kind to each other.


Thursday 26th March 2020


Good morning Year 3, We hope that you enjoyed completing your tasks yesterday. 


We have lots of exciting tasks for you to complete today, but don't worry,  you can if you haven't already, complete the ones from yesterday first. 


We hope you are all feeling good and still smiling! Remember to stay active!



Wednesday 25th March 


Hello everyone, 

I hope you have got your rainbows up in your window and enjoyed being creative yesterday. 

Remember you have all got Reading Plus, Spelling shed and TT Rockstars if you want to start with those tasks today!




Good Morning Year 3, we hope that you enjoyed your first day of home learning. We certainly missed you all in School today!


Today you will have an English, Maths and Humanities task to complete. Remember to ask an adult for help if you need it. 


Keep Smiling!



Happy Monday everyone. We hope you have had a good weekend and managed to get out in the sunshine (at a safe distance from each other of course!). Have a go at the English and maths tasks we have uploaded.


Monday afternoon would usually be swimming so make sure you do some physical activity today as well. A Cosmic Kids yoga or Go Noodle activity would be good for this. Choose the one that best fits you!


Cosmic Kids


Go Noodle