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Kensington Primary School will provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment our children. Our school encourages the growth of such personal qualities as empathy, consideration for others and the ability to co-operate. As a School of Sanctuary we are keen to ensure that all children feel safe and welcome in our school. We do not tolerate bullying. 





Kindness Club
At Kensington Primary we are very proud of our Kindness Club members. We have many children in our school who are kind to and look after one another. 
To be part of our Kindness Club a member of staff is told when someone has been kind to them. That person's name and their act of kindness is then put on the kindness tree. Each half term we have a Kindness Club assembly where some of the acts of kindness are shared and the children and staff are given their Kindness Club certificates.




Anti-Bullying Week

The theme for Anti-Bullying Week this year was 'Change Starts with Us'. Throughout the school we celebrated Anti-Bullying week and focussed on how we can make a positive impact in somebody else's life. In assembly we thought about our pledges and what we could do to make a difference.