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Afternoon Activities

Wednesday 15th July


To complete our aspirations week, we are going to finish with a glimpse into the future. To do this you will need an A4 piece of paper and photograph of yourself / mirror. 


Place your paper in portrait position and draw a vertical line down the middle. On the left hand side you will sketch one half of your face based on how you look today, this can be done by looking in the mirror or placing your photograph underneath the piece of paper and tracing your face. 


The right-hand side of the paper will be the other side of your face to create your portrait except it will be based on your future aspiration / career choice. For example, if you want to be a doctor, it might show you wearing your white coat and a periscope. 


It is up to you if you shade in black and white or if you use colour. Feel free to share your images when completed. You could also be creative by drawing images / colours to reflect your interests now and symbols that may reflect your career on the other side. 

Tuesday 14th July


Aspirations - part 2

This afternoon, we are going to build on the work you did yesterday. Using the skills and talents that you have, you will become the teacher. This will mean, you will have to identify a pupil (it could be someone at home or a pupil at school), think about their best learning style (complete the questionnaire) and then plan a lesson to teach them one of your skills. Try and make it fun and engaging. Record your tutorials and then feel free to share them on our year group email, it would be great to showcase so many talents. 

Monday 13th July


With it being our last week before summer, we have planned our final sessions on 'aspirations' and looking to the future. Today is part 1 of 2 sessions and introduces the idea of what aspirations are and where they come from. Work through the set of tasks and take the opportunity to think about the skills you have and where they may take you in the future. 

Friday 10th July



LI: to write an information text

Over the past 5 weeks, you have embarked on a research project, collecting information each week.

You were asked to select from the following : Egyptians, Victorians, Romans, Vikings or Greeks. The information you should have collected will include ;-

Transportation, Clothing, Popular foods / their diet, Famous known people Today.


Spend 20 minutes researching any additional information that you want to find out about this period to include in your information leaflet.Read through the attached PDF. It will give you some information on how to write, and present your information leaflet. Including all the relevant features e.g title and index. Use this information to help you construct your leaflet.


When you have finished, you should have a piece of work that clearly informs all the relevant information you have gathered during your research, including images.


Remember to send your final work to and @KensingPrimary



Click on this link and complete the 16 minute workout video. You may wish to do it for 5 minutes at a time, with a 5 minute rest inbetween!


Good luck!

Thursday 9th July 


We are nearly at the weekend! We hope you have enjoyed completing different tasks this week, which have been slightly different to the work that has been set for you so far during our period of 'home learning'.


This afternoon, we have 3 activities for you. Design Technology, Maths problem solving and P.E (with a twist). If you find that you have spare time after you have completed the tasks, remember to log onto TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed and Reading Plus.

Design Technology

Problem Solving and Reasoning Tasks

P.E (Linked with reading). Challenge B is more of a 'challenge' than A.

Wednesday 8th July


Art & Design

At the beginning of Y5, you were asked to design a piece of artwork that was all about you. Your favourite hobbies, food, sports, your family etc. We displayed this in our pod in school. A year has almost past, & we would like you to complete this task again. I wonder if anything has changed? What is different about you now, when compared to 12 months ago?

Maths Problem Solving and Reasoning Task

Grammar and Punctuation Challenge Cards


Aim to complete as many as you can!

Tuesday 7th July



LI: to research and record information


Week 4 of our 5 week research project

For the next 5 weeks, you are going to take part in a History project, whereby at the end, you will use all of your research to produce an information leaflet. This will take us up until the last week of our summer term, before the summer holidays begin.


Egyptians, Victorians, Romans, Vikings or Greeks

Today – we would like you to research transportation 

How did they travel? Did they invent any new ways to move around the land? Did they use animals to power their transport?  Did everyone have access to transportation or did they walk? These are just some ideas that you may search to help you to focus and structure your research.


Gather your information however you like;-

  • Bullet point
  • Spider diagram
  • Note taking

Keep your research in a safe place, as you will need this at the end to produce your final leaflet.

By the end of this week, or on Monday next week - you will be asked to write your information brochure. I'm very excited to see examples of your final pieces!



Read through this story 'Greetings during COVID'. It is a really clear story that informs us how to stay safe when in school, this is for those who are currently in school and to prepare us for when we all return in September. To help you understand, read through the social story and produce a poster to show what you have learnt, and how you can keep yourself safe when greeting your friends when you see them again. Perhaps we could display some examples in school.. this means beautiful presentation!


Remember to select how you will greet your friends, and include this on your poster!

Monday 6th July

Happy Monday Year 5! This week, we will have a couple of afternoon lessons to complete our curriculum learning, as well as some exciting opportunities for you to get creative, develop your artistic skills and enjoy your last week (and a half) working from home! (Or in school if you are in the key-worker hub).



Today, you are going to complete 2 different Art activities. You will need paper, watercolours and a paintbrush.


LI: to use the origami technique of folding paper.

Watch the video below, it will tell you all about the history of origami, and some beautiful examples of how the paper folding technique is used.


Then, open the attachment and create your own origami pieces! You could add some string and display them in your window at home, for all to see!



LI: to use watercolour

Watch the video below, and have a go at creating your own watercolour masterpiece at home! Remember, watercolours need water! Make sure your paintbrush has plenty of water.  (you don't have to watch the whole video, but just enough of it to understand the key skills and techniques)

I suggest that you practise the skill first, making simple shapes and patterns, to build up your confidence using watercolour. When you are finished, we would like you to create your own landscape painting of a scene, looking outside of a window at home. This may be a garden, a neighbours house, a road, or even a city skyline. We all have different views, which are all interesting and exciting to capture.

Please send your artwork to @kensingPrimary on Twitter.


Remember, to continue with Reading Plus, Spelling Shed & TT Rockstars today

Friday 3rd July


Happy Friday everybody, this afternoon we have 3 tasks lined up for you.


Last week, you were asked to complete task 1-3 on your music challenges. This week, you are going to complete the other sections. Recap on where you are up to and then give the other sections a try.

Spelling Crossword

Keep your spellings up to speed by working out all of the missing words that would go into the word search. If you get stuck there is a vocabulary list at the bottom but you should be able to find most of the words without it. 


Take a look at the range of quotes below and select the quote that you feel best describes your outlook and mindset. Feel free to decorate the page with your favourite colours or fill the page with examples / reasons why that inspirational phrase speaks to you. 

Thursday 2nd July


*TT Rockstar Update*
Yesterday's task was to update your TT Rockstar level through playing 10 games in the studio. This was successfully completed by 6 pupils, a final register will be taken at the end of the week so please ensure you are on the completed list. It shows that you are continuing to work hard at home and this will support you when you return to school in September. 


Task 1 - Reading Plus / Spelling Shed

- 30 minutes on Reading Plus 
- 30 minutes on Spelling Shed
If you do not have your login details for either of these sites, please request a new password by emailing


Task 2 - Art
Continuing on from our 'black to white' shading lesson last week, this week we are going to look at shades when using a variety of colours. Take a look at the pieces of art created through using a main colour in different shades.


The first part to your task is to create a primary colour and secondary colour wheel. Use the PowerPoint to help you. 
Now using one or two colours, can you create your own design. Be creative, think about how you can use different tones in each section to create your own image. It could gradually get darker/lighter as you move across the page or it could be a random mixture/pattern. The choice is yours. The more tones in the piece of work the better but no more than 2 colours can be used. 

Wednesday 1st July


This afternoon we have 2 tasks. The first is working your brain muscle and the second is working your physcial muscles. Your first task is to update your TT Rockstar scores, to do this, you need to log on to TT Rockstar and play 10 studio games. This should take you about 15 minutes to do. After that you can choose to play in garage, update your avatar or play against other players in the arena. Regular checks are made to who is logging on the regular players are moving up the chart. Keep working on your timestable, they are incredibly important in year 6.

If you have lost your login details, get in touch ( and they can be reset. 


Task 2 - To try and tempt the sun back to rainy Kensington, we are going to participate in some Brazil dancing. Now before you get your hopes up, it won't be Mrs Darsey, Mr Jones or Mr Briscoe as your glamorous dance teacher and Mr O'Shea was double booked. But not to worry, as part of the 'Movema' company, who work with Childrne in Need, there is a specialist dance teacher ready to show you the moves. Now you may have members of your family who would like to join in. Round them up and then click the video below. Enjoy! Feel free to share your videos with us by emailing them in.

Tuesday 30th June



To complete our topic on solar systems, your final task is to test your subject knowledge against a quiz of 10 questions. The answers will be revealed tomorrow. If you do find yourself stuck, you can use the internet for your search in the right answer. Good luck and see how many you can get correct.

Investigate a country


Below are 3 countries to research and learn about. In each booklet there is a selection of tasks to reveal the hidden word. By completing the tasks, it will reveal a letter. Once you have all of the letters, you should be able to identify the missing words. Read the instructions carefully, as you need to identify the star in each question to identify the missing letter. 


Have a go of at least 1 but if you fancy trying all 3 over the week, great!

Monday 29th June




  • 30 minutes
  • Try to beat last week's score
  • Use written and mental methods
  • If you have time left over, check your answers. 

GPS - Tenses

Have a watch of these videos below before attempting the activities. 

GPS tense.mp4

Still image for this video

Past perfect tense.mp4

Still image for this video

The past simple.mp4

Still image for this video
Once you have attempted all of the questions, click on the link at the end to check your answers. 

Friday 26th June


RE - Diversity

We have talked a lot about the diversity and culture within our city and this is a result of our history and the contributions of many before us. The people within this city help mould and form the place we call home. Take a look at some of the famous faces that have come from Liverpool. You might be surprised...


Your task today is to select a famous Liverpudlian (past or present) and create a biography of their achievements. Try and include key dates, a drawing and the impact they have had on our city. It can be a famous face or it may be someone closer to home. The choice is yours. Use the template below to help you.



With the sun shining outside, you may want to take this activity outdoor or you may want to use a space inside the house. Your challenge is to create and complete your own workout circuit. You will need 10 activities that can be completed in 30 seconds on each station. You may do push-ups, squats, star jumps...the list goes on. Once you are ready to go with your 10, complete each activity for 30 seconds, followed by a 10 second rest. After completing all 5 activities, have a quick water break and then go again but this time, can you do more than you did on your first attempt...good luck


Why not finish your week with a cold drink and your favourite book, it may be a new novel or one you have read many times before. Either way, take a bit of time to dive into a book and enjoy! Have a nice weekend everybody and see you next week. 

Thursday 25th June


History – Project.

LI: to research a period in time

LI: to gather historical information

                             Week 3 of our 6 week research project

For the next 6 weeks, you are going to take part in a History project, whereby at the end, you will use all of your research to produce an information leaflet. This will take us up until the last week of our summer term, before the summer holidays begin.


Egyptians, Victorians, Romans, Vikings or Greeks

Today – we would like you to research famous/known people.

Who do we remember today from this period? Who did they deem as 'famous'? Who did they pray to? Did they have 'famous' people or just important people? e.g. royalty and gods.

You may wish to write down examples of names of famous individuals, gods or people of royalty during this period, what they are known for and some basic information about them e.g. when they were born, died, and lived.


Gather your information however you like;-

  • Bullet point
  • Spider diagram
  • Note taking

Keep your research in a safe place, as you will need this at the end to produce your final leaflet.

Next week, you will be told about what to search next!

Grammar and Punctuation Task

Improving Vocabulary Task

Wednesday 24th June


Open the attachment below, you will find a range of different music activities for you to complete. 


There are quite a few tasks for you to complete. Aim to complete tasks 1 - 3 today. You will be asked to complete the rest in your next music lesson next week!


On the second attachment, you will find all the links you will need to complete the activities. If they links do not work when you click on them, copy and paste them into your search bar at the top of your page.

Times Tables!


On the attachment below, you will find 3 times tables activities for you to complete. 


Finished? Remember to log onto TT Rockstars! 

Times Tables Activities

Tuesday 23rd June


Science – Solar System

LI: to research and compare the theories of Nicolaus Copernicus and Claudius Ptolemy

As we have been learning about space this half term, you are going to investigate two astronomers. Their names are Copernicus and Ptolemy. They are two people who had their own ideas about the solar system, and the position of the Earth and the Sun. They also had their own theory on how the solar system worked and how planets moved.


Click on the attached document below, you will find 4 tasks for you to complete. You will need access to the internet to complete this activity. 



Below are 3 links, to three different interactive exciting spelling games! You won't need FLASH for them to work, so you should have no problems in playing the games and improving your spellings. 


Click on this link

Select Y5&6 and complete the 'spooky spelling' game!


Click on this link

Create your own name to play the game. Here, you can select different levels of difficulty. This game will focus on Vowels. 

Remember, vowels are A E I O and U. 


Click on this link

Create your own name to play the game. Here, you can select different levels of difficulty.  This game will focus on antonyms (words that are in opposite meaning to another), synonyms (words with the same meaning) and homonyms (each of two or more words having the same spelling or pronunciation but different meanings).

Monday 22nd June


Using the lessons from the last few weeks, your task today is to turn the symbols into a Spanish statement. Once complete, copy and paste your sentence into google translate, to see if it is correct.


You have 30 minutes, attempt every question and see if you can improve on your previous score.

Friday 19th June



To brush up on your spellings, we have set a 'crossword challenge'. You have to read the definitions of the words and see if you can make them fit in the boxes. Across means the word fits in horizontally and down means the word fits in vertically. If you get stuck there is a list of the words to be used but only use this if you are stuck. 

Art - tone


Today we are going to look an artistic skill called tone. As an artist we create tone when shading, based on how hard we press with the pencil. If we want the image to appear dark, we press harder but if we want the tone to be lighter, we press lighter with the pencil. Your task is to use tone to create a scale. Every time the box drops down, you have to create a tone that is in-between the previous 2 tones. By the end, you will have a scale going from white to black, with many different shades of grey. 

As you can see, you have been able to create a variety of colours, just using a black pencil. Our next step is to introduce a variety of colours. By using our shading technique, we are able to create a wide range of colours and when we start to mix colours together, the range is endless. Your task is to take a look at the tone PowerPoint below and try to create your own colour wheel using different shades of colour. 

                                            Thursday 18th June


History – Project.

LI: to research a period in time

LI: to gather historical information

                             Week 2 of our 6 week research project

For the next 6 weeks, you are going to take part in a History project, whereby at the end, you will use all of your research to produce an information leaflet. This will take us up until the last week of our summer term, before the summer holidays begin.


Egyptians, Victorians, Romans, Vikings or Greeks

Today – we would like you to research their clothing.

What did they wear? How did they make their clothes? How did they dye their clothes different colours? Did everyone wear the same type of clothing? Did royalty of that time wear something different?


Gather your information however you like;-

  • Bullet point
  • Spider diagram
  • Note taking

Keep your research in a safe place, as you will need this at the end to produce your final leaflet.

Next week, you will be told about what to search next!

Design Technology 

LI: to press flowers


Open the Word Attachment below, you will find out how to press flowers, (in a sensible and caring way that protects our environment and plants), whilst being able to produce a beautiful pressed flower that can be used in lots of different ways, e.g. birthday cards, artwork. Send us your examples at @kensingprimary

Wednesday 17th June


RE - Diversity in our community


Last week we looked at the meaning of diversity within our community and how important it is. Today you are going to reflect your thoughts on what it represents. This is quite an important topic as it reflects what is happening in our communities and society at the minute. While looking through the PowerPoint, have a discussion with your family and see if their opinions are the same as yours and ask yourself 'Is it a bad thing if people have different point's of view to my own?'.


Your main task is to create a acrostic poem. Each line of your acrostic could be a line, it could be a key word. Remember, a poem doesn't have to rhyme. Try to reflect your thoughts and opinions for each letter. 

Tuesday 16th June




Each week we strive to improve our arithmetic scores. Here is this week's opportunity. You will have 30 minutes to complete as many questions as possible. If you keep getting the same type of question wrong, get in touch and we will be happy to help.

GPS -task 2


Your GPS task today is to recap apostrophes. 


Apostrophes can be used to show a missing letter(s) - contracted form.
An example of this is it's (it is) or they're (they are).


Apostrophes can also be used to show possession.
An example of this is John's book or Claire's shoes.

Watch the video below before you attempt the task. 

GPS apostrophe video.mp4

Still image for this video

Monday 15th June

Complete the weather Spanish tasks below - you will need the work you have completed over the past couple of weeks to help you.

Spanish Task


This afternoon, you are going to be completing some artwork! Click on the PowerPoint and learn about different skylines. The last couple of slides will give you instructions on how to create your own skyline. 

Grammar Task.


Attached, you will find some questions for you to complete. They are grammar based questions, which you have learnt about. Have a go answering as many questions as you can.

                          Friday 12th June

History, Maths Puzzle & PE

History – Project.

LI: to research a period in time

LI: to gather historical information

We have come to the end of our learning about the Early Railways in Britain.

For the next 6 weeks, you are going to take part in a History project, whereby at the end, you will use all of your research to produce an information leaflet. This will take us up until the last week of our summer term, before the summer holidays begin.

Part 1: Select a period in time that interests you or a period in time you would like to find more information about;-

Egyptians, Victorians, Romans, Vikings or Greeks

Part 2: Today – we would like you to research popular foods for that period. E.g. you may search on google ‘What popular foods did the Victorians eat?’ or ‘What types of food would you find on a Victorian table?’ ‘What food did Queen Victoria eat compared to normal society?’

Gather your information however you like;-

  • Bullet point
  • Spider diagram
  • Note taking

Keep your research in a safe place, as you will need this at the end to produce your final leaflet.

Next week, you will be told about what to search next!

Can you complete this Sudoku Puzzle below?



Click on  this link, and follow the link to the 'PE WITH JOE'. Select on any of his 30 minute sessions and have a go at home. Remember to warm up and stretch your muscles before you take part in any form of exercise, to avoid injury!


Attached below, are some helpful warm-up and stretch exercises you can complete before you start your 30 minute lesson. Good luck!

                        Thursday 11th June

Science continued, spelling, reading & Spanish focus

1. Continue writing your non-chronological report about space, using yesterday's information to help you. Ensure you have included illustrations and drawings to go with your information. Please check your work against the features that should be included!


2. Complete the attached homophones spelling activity attached below. 


3. Click on the 'reading picture task', look carefully at the photograph and answer the four questions in full sentences. 


4. Using your learning from Spanish last week (look at your work to help you), complete this mini task, writing a short sentence for each city describing the weather. If you can't find your work, scroll down to last Friday, to find the online resources.


**Tomorrow, we will continue our history learning!**



                              Wednesday 10th June

Science - Space

LI: write a non-chronological report about the solar-system

To conclude our SPACE unit, this afternoon, you are going to produce a non-chronological report about the SOLAR SYSTEM. You will have to use all of the information and learning you have gathered over the past couple of weeks during our space unit.

This piece of work will bring all of your learning together, and help you to remember the many facts you have learnt!

Things to consider for your report; -

  • The different planets and examples of some of their features
  • The distance between the planets
  • Interesting facts about our solar system
  • Movement of our moon and the shadows the moon creates / Lunar cycle
  • Why do we have night and day?
  • Images to support your information

*Ideally, you will need a double page. Think about your presentation – how can you make your work look eye-catching and interesting?*

You know how to write a non-chronological report, as you learnt all about them in our online English lessons last week. You will find the information on ‘week 8’ of our online learning. Additionally, if you have forgotten – think back to when you produced the amazing ‘Earthquakes’ non-chronological reports in your WOW books.

(Don't rush this piece of work - you will be given some time tomorrow to complete it)

Tuesday 9th June


RE - Diversity


Diversity means understanding that each individual is unique and also recognising our individual differences. The differences can be in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs or other ideologies.


Last week you designed a poster to reflect Liverpool's diveristy. Today we are going to explore what the word diverse means in a little more detail. By the end of the input, you are going to prove why you have the Diverse Factor. You will need:

  • A band name
  • Pop group members - think who you would have (they can be classmates or celebrities).
  • A statement or slogan that highlights your diversity.
  • Altered lyrics of songs / dance moves. 

Monday 8th June



For our usual Monday challenge, have a go at beating your score from last week. You have 30 minutes, use all of your time to ensure you do as well as you possibly can. If you keep getting a question wrong, drop us an email and we will be able to give you some tips to improve your score next time. Good luck.

GPS -Relative Clauses

This is a common skill that we need to revisit and secure. We talk a lot about making more 'complex' sentences. This doesn't mean sentences that are harder to understand, it means sentences with additional information. Today we are looking at how we can use relative pronouns to add information. This is done using commas and using the words who, whom, which, whose, which and that. 

E.g. The litte girl was looking for her dog in the park. 
We could add extra information either the dog, the bone or the garden. 
If we add information about the girl, we would use who.

If we add information about the dog and park, we would use which.

The little girl, who was wearing a pink dress, was looking for her dog in the park.

The little girl was looking for her dog in the park, which was just around the corner from her house.


Watch the video below and then attempt the two activates. 

GPS relative clauses.mp4

Still image for this video

Friday 5th June



This afternoon, we are going to be transported to the beautiful country - Spain! Here you will need your sombrero and your translation skills. Sadly, not everywhere will need the suncream. Today's lesson is recapping weather. Use the support sheet to help you and see if you can complete the weather forecast task.

Task 2 - TT Rockstars
To end the week, we are asking everyone to play 30 minutes of TT Rockstars, that can be spent in the garage, in the studio, soundtrack, arena or festival. All time spent playing is added to your profile. 


Task 3 - Reading

Use your last half an hour to either get back on your reading plus and work towards your next level or continue reading your chosen book at home. Regular reading builds your fluency and understanding and make it enjoyable. If it isn't enjoyable, find a book that is. Enjoy and have a nice weekend...hopefully the sun will make another appearance. 

                         Thursday 4th June

History - Railways

We have been learning all about the 'first railways in Britain'. Today we are going to continue with this, but explore the railways through art! Click on the Powerpoint and read the information, there are some handy hints and examples that will help you.

Task 2 is to complete your own piece of artwork. Think about shading, light and dark tones and colours you may use. If you don't have any colouring pencils or paint etc, at home, you can create a beautiful drawing using a normal pencil (you can use a rubber to create different tones that create a great effect!) 

Mini-Writing Task


Wednesday 3rd June

Science - Space

LI: to name and describe the features of each planet

Our learning today, will help us to discover the features of different planets in our solar system. At the beginning of our science unit, we learnt about the sizes of them in relation to the sun and earth. At the beginning, you were asked to produce a poster showing the different sizes of the planets, and include one or two interesting facts. Today we are going to explore this much further, learning detailed features of each planet in our solar system. 


Today we are going to find out what makes each planet unique, and different from another. You will be reading the information, and then creating top-trump cards about the planet features. When you are finished, you can play the top-trump cards with your family at home!

Tuesday 2nd June



Our new RE topic this week looks at religion in Liverpool. We all know that Liverpool is known for its culture and diversity and the respect and understanding we all show to each other’s faith. Your task this afternoon is to capture this ethos in some form of poster / image. It should include a slogan of some sort, something short but memorable. Take a look at the pictures below for some ideas and the slides to help you with your design. 

Monday 1st June



To ease us back into our new half term, we are going to start with our weekly arithmetic test. Please select your appropriate group. Remember, you have 30 minutes to complete your paper. Check your score and then see if we can beat it next week. 

GPS - commas

Our GPS focus today is about placing our commas in the correct place. Have a look at the PowerPoint below and then attempt the task of fixing the sentences.

Friday 22nd May


LI: To explore how tactile and visual elements can be used for different effects.


Today you are going to look at the work of Leon Bakst and his role in creating headresses and costumes for shows in the theatre over 100 years ago. Take a look at his designs and see if you can guess what type of character he was trying to create - wealthy, confident, shy, in poverty, intelligent....the list goes on. 

Lesson 2 video.mp4

Still image for this video
Your task is to design your own costumes based on the type of character you are trying to portray. Think about the shape and colour of the design. 

Task 2


Last day to beat your score on the 4 times table sheet. You have 3 minutes, can you beat your score on Monday? Good luck! 

Thursday 21st May 2020

History - Railways

LI: to research Isambard Kingdom Brunel's impact on the railways

Carrying on with our learning of the Impact of the early railways in the UK, you are going to research and find out about a man called Isambard Kingdom Brunel. He was a famous engineer in Victorian times. He built bridges, ships and even railway stations – you can still see some of those today! One of his most famous achievements is that he built the GWR (Great Western Railway). 


Read through the PowerPoint carefully. The first part, you will discover information about the Victorian era, and then discover information about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. 

     Your task for today is on the PowerPoint.

*Remember, whilst he was famous for many things - to keep the information on your poster as closely linked to the railways as you possibly can*

Mental Health Week 2020

This week is Mental Health Awareness week with the theme #KindnessMatters

We would like you to think about your worries, and your concerns and what we can do to manage these feelings. 


A worry jar is a helpful way to decrease your anxious thoughts and worries. Placing your worries in a jar helps you to get rid of them, even if it's for a little while. What are some of the things you would like to stop worrying about for now? Write them in your jar!

Worry Jar

Wednesday 20th May 2020


LI: to describe the movement of the moon relative to the Earth.

Today, we are going to learn about the position of the moon around the Earth, the different names given to the moon depending on the position, and lunar cycles. 

Read the PowerPoint carefully, the information will help you with the tasks.


Part 1 - Complete challenge A or Challenge B (Phases of the Moon). Challenge B is harder than Challenge A. 


Part 2 - Use the last page of the PowerPoint to draw what the moon looks like at each part of the lunar cycle.


**Challenge Zone** - Shade the part of the moon that is in shadow at each stage of the cycle. 

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Task


Complete as many questions as you can! They are 'test-style questions' on what we have learnt together in school or activities we have asked you to complete since we have been learning online! 

Come back tomorrow for the answers. Good luck! 

Tuesday 19th May


TT Rockstar Checker
This week, we are looking at the 4 times tables. You have 3 minutes to try and match or beat your score from yesterday. Don't forget to record the time taken to see if you can get faster by Friday. Good luck!

Last week you decided on your road trip across the USA. You had to select 4 states that you felt were worthy of a visit and this week you are going to be a holiday rep. Us year 5 teachers want to plan our holiday for next year but we need recommendations on where to go. You are going to use your persuasive writing skills to tell us why we should visit your chosen state (just 1 of the 4 you chose last week). Now you must make sure it is:
1. Written in first person.
2. Emotive
3. Uses repetition and rhetorical questions.
4. Shows a knowledge of the state.
5. Identifies the positive features (landscape and man-made).
6. Is less than 200 words. 


Use the document and website below to help you.


Still image for this video

Monday 18th May


We are going to kick off our week with our arithmetic checker. Remember, you only have 30 minutes so answer the questions you feel most confident with first. Once completed, check the answer sheet to see if your score has improved. 

Activity 2 - TT Rockstars Checker


Moving on from last week's checker, this week we are looking at the 4 times tables. You will have 3 minutes with the aim of getting them all right and then trying to beat your time. Good luck!


Activity 3 - Card Games


Here are two card games to try with your family. Read the rules carefully and give them a go. Give us your feedback on them and feel free to change the rules and adapt them into your own games. Good luck!

Friday 15th May


Last day of the week, hope it has been a good one for you and you are all set for your well deserved weekend. To finish off the week, you are going to complete the TT Rockstar sheet for the last time. Aim for your best score and see how much you have improved since your first attempt on Monday. Remember, 3 minutes on the clock...good luck!

Art- Headdresses


Today you are going to look at a variety of headdresses. Have a look at the introduction and discuss with your family which of the designs you like and why people chose to wear them.

As you can see, headdresses have been used for a very long time and each one has a different purpose. Today you are going to design your own headdresses, but you are going to have to think about the purpose and who would be asked to wear it. Do they want it to scare people, impress people, make the wearer feel powerful? Think carefully about your design - shape, size, colours and materials. We look forward to seeing your final designs. 

                          Thursday 14th May 2020

Science – Earth and Space

Building on last week where we explored the solar system, our science lesson this week will help us to understand why we know the Sun, Earth and Moon are spherical.

What does spherical mean?

‘adjective  shaped like a sphere’ (ball-shaped)

Watch the video and read the PowerPoint. There are some discussion activities to complete with your family at home. 


Task 1 is to Read through the Shape Of The Earth Evidence Cards.

Sort the evidence into two groups – one that supports the idea that the Earth is flat and the other that supports the idea that the Earth is a sphere.


Task 2 is to complete the attached worksheets where you will have to explain a theory for why the Sun, Earth and Moon are flat and one theory as to why they are spherical. Challenge A is a little bit easier than challenge B.



Here is your TTROCKSTAR Checker from yesterday, your aim is to try and repeat the task (3 minutes) and see if you can either improve your score or complete the sheet in a lower time...good luck!

Wednesday 13th May 2020

History - Railways

Good afternoon year 5. Today you are going to learn some more about the railways (when they first began in the United Kingdom). By the end of the lesson, you will be able to  find out about and debate the positive and negative impact of the first railways on different aspects of society. 


Read through the powerpoint. On a couple of slides you will find a task. The three tasks for you to complete this afternoon are : -

1. Sort the cards into two piles reflecting positive and negative effects of the railways.

2. Read about the different historical characters. Can you work out whether you think these characters were in favour of or against the building of new railways.

3. Select 2 characters, and write a paragraph for each one, persuading your audience of your characters view point (for or against railways). 

**We have learnt about effective persuasive writing in English over the past couple of weeks, we have attached a word bank of great sentence starters to help you **



Task 2: TT Rockstar Checker 

We are still focusing on our 3x tables, however these questions are in a different order to yesterday..

Set your timers for 3 minutes, see how many of the 60 questions you can get through in the time. You don't have to complete the questions in order but see how many you can get through, if you do finish, record your finish time in the box. 
Tomorrow, you will get the same sheet and your aim will be to beat today's score. By the end of the week, you will be able to see how much progress you have made. 


Tuesday 12th May


Geography - USA

Good afternoon, pack your bags, get all your essentials and make the tough decision about who you are going to take on your American ROAD TRIP!!!

Task 1: We aren't going anywhere without your passport. Feel free to complete the one provided, or if you're feeling a bit more creative, design your own. It must identify 4 passengers (including you), so pick wisely. 

Task 2: Destination

Find below 12 of the most famous states in America. You have the tough choice of choosing the 4 that you would like to visit. Think carefully, you will want a bit of variety and you may be kind enough to choose a destination that someone else in your group would like to visit. But don't forget, you're only allowed to choose 4!


Task 3: Road Map
The final part of your journey is to plan your route between your 4 chosen states. Your task is to make the journey as short as possible. Use a ruler to select your starting state and then lines to show the route you are going to take. 



Here is your TTROCKSTAR Checker from yesterday, your aim is to try and repeat the task (3 minutes) and see if you can either improve your score or complete the sheet in a lower time...good luck!


Monday 11th May

Good afternoon, your tasks for today are: -

Task 1: TT Rockstar Checker 
Set your timers for 3 minutes, see how many of the 60 questions you can get through in the time. You don't have to complete the questions in order but see how many you can get through, if you do finish, record your finish time in the box. 
Tomorrow, you will get the same sheet and your aim will be to beat today's score. By the end of the week, you will be able to see how much progress you have made. 

Task 2 - Weekly Arithmetic

Using your 30 minutes, have a go at your arithmetic paper. You don't have to complete the questions in order but try your best. See if you can beat last week's score. 

Task 3: Puzzles

There are 3 puzzles for you to try this week. Last time we tried these puzzles, children tried to use pencils / pens to help visualise the problem. Use whatever you can to help you. We will also have the Champions Board for anyone who submits the answer before tomorrow.


Puzzle 1                                 Name: Ayoub / Sadie / Alicja
Puzzle 2                                 Name: Ayoub / Sadie / Alicja
Puzzle 3                                 Name: Ayoub / Sadie / Alicja


Thursday 7th May

Task 1  - 30 minutes of TT Rockstars. 30 minutes of Reading Plus


Task 2

VE Day - or 'Victory in Europe Day' - marks the day towards the end of World War Two (WW2) when fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe came to an end.

On 8 May 1945, Prime Minister Winston Churchill made an announcement on the radio at 3pm that the war in Europe had come to an end, following Germany's surrender the day before.


Tomorrow, Friday 8th May 2020 is the 75th anniversary of VE day. 

It is a very important and historical day, and we would like you to take part in some VE learning! There are lots of different activities for you to complete. 


Below is a powerpoint, giving you lots more information about VE day. Read it carefully, there are pictures to help you understand. 



VE Day Powerpoint

Wednesday 6th May


Building on last week where we explored the solar system, our science lesson this week will look at why we have night and day.

Is it because the sun moves around the Earth?
Is it because the moon and the sun orbit the Earth?
Is it because of the rotation of the Earth?


Watch the videos and PowerPoint below before attempting the task of explaining the process of how we have night and day and is it the same all over the Earth? If you are stuck, you can use the support sheet at the bottom. Look at the true and false statements at the end of the PowerPoint to help you. 


You can present your work as a poster, a paragraph, illustrations or a non-chronological report. The choice is yours. 


Science example.mp4

Still image for this video

Science explanation.mp4

Still image for this video

Time Lapse of North Pole.mp4

Still image for this video

Tuesday 5th May


Two tasks for you this afternoon

GPS - adverbs.

Have a watch of the video below to recap the role of adverbs and then complete the task underneath. Once you have grouped the words, select one from each column and create your own sentences.

Adverb song.mp4

Still image for this video



Well done for last week's tour of the USA - this week we are going to look a little closer at the states that make up the United States. Once you have read through the input, choose the task that you would like to attempt:
Red - level 1
Orange - level 2
Green - level 3

Monday 4th May


Good afternoon and 'May the Fourth be with you' (for all you Star Wars fans)….I know it's terrible but we can only tell that joke once a year.


This afternoon you are going to complete your level of arithmetic test. You need to set yourself a timer of 30 minutes. At the end of your time, you can mark your answers and record your score. If there are questions that you are struggling with, let us know, we will be able to show you how to improve your score next time. 

Your second task this afternoon is a set of card games to play with your family. There are 4 different card games to try, feel free to adapt them to suit you but we would love to hear your feedback on which ones you liked and maybe didn't like. 

Friday 1st May


We have two tasks for you this afternoon. First we want you to dedicate some time to your TT Rockstars. We want to see everyone progressing with their timetables and to do this you need to be playing regularly. 


Task 1  - 30 minutes of TT Rockstars


Task 2 - Art


This afternoon, you are going to be an art critic. A critic is someone who looks closely at the positive and negative points within an art piece. They will also look at the colours used and try and think about what the artist's intent is. 


Take a look at the PowerPoint of the different examples of art you will be reviewing today. Think about how it makes you feel and whether you like or dislike it. Being able to explain why is an important factor. If you like a particular piece of work, you may want to sketch it yourself or put your own spin on it. 

Crytical Thinking Example

Still image for this video


Thursday 30th April


Today's task is linked to RE, art and philosophy, but sadly you don't have a whole classroom to discuss our topic with today so unfortunately (and I know you minimise this as much as possible) but your actually going to have to discuss today's topic with your family....shock! I know! But it will be interesting to see if they have the same opinion as you. You may need to remind them of the rules of a philosophy lesson, about taking it in turns and not shouting out and definitely no throwing cushions, no matter how tempting it might be.


Start off by taking a look at these pictures

Follow the steps in the PowerPoint and see which points you agree and disagree with, remember, a good philosopher will always explain using because and will also reflect on other people's points of view. Try to record your first thoughts, the points of the discussion and your final thought at the end. Your opinion may change, that is not a bad thing. Just means you have been open-minded and reflected on what has been said. 

Wednesday 28th April


This afternoon, we are going to be exploring our new science topic, which is 'space'. To get us started, today's lesson is just about understanding what is in our solar system. Can you name the planets that circulate the sun? Hopefully by the end of the song, you will be able to name them all and you may learn some interesting facts along the way.

science planets.mp4

Still image for this video

Today you are going to use the information below to design your own poster. You can print and cut out the planets or you can draw around circular objects in your house, such as cups or plates. 


Good Websites  




Tuesday 28th April


Today we are starting a new history topic on railways. As you can imagine, railways have changed a fair bit over time and if I asked you to think about the different railways you may have seen on TV, in books or in real life, I am sure they would all look slightly different.


Have a go at the task below after reading the PowerPoint. You may not be familiar with some of the language so feel free to use google to get the translation. 

Monday 27th April


Good afternoon everybody. We're starting this week off with a few brain teasers and a music challenge. 


Brain Teasers

These challenges are great for you and the family. See if you can find the answer by moving the sticks. Remember, check if the challenge asks you to remove (take it away) or move (put somewhere else) the sticks.


Competition:  Let's see who can find the answers the fastest. If you think you have the answer to one of the questions, email it to us at

Puzzle 3 winner: Alex Trivanovic
Puzzle 4 winner: Jacob Godlewski




We have been invited to join the 'Liverpool Ising' event where our entries could be entered into the final music video. Your task is to learn the lyrics and record yourself performing your song. The song must be sent to and it must be sent by an adult to show you have permission, just include your school, class and name in the email. You could also send the email to us or tweet your entry, remember our email is or tweet starting with @kensingprimary.

Instructions for Ising

Still image for this video

Lyrics and tutorial

Still image for this video

                         Friday 24th April 2020


Read the information & complete the task

English - Spelling 


Have a look at the powerpoint below, you will need to use your thinking caps! You will need to rearrange the letters to make words. Good luck! 


How to use the suffix -ation


Click on the following link, it will take you to a BBC Bitzesize page.

Watch the video and complete the 2 tasks at the bottom of the page.



What are pulse and rhythm?


Pulse is a steady beat like a ticking clock or your heartbeat. It can be measured in time by counting the number of beats per minute (BPM).

Rhythm is the pattern of long and short sounds as you move through the song.


Watch the videos on the link below, it will tell you all about pulse and rhythm.


1. Create your own piece of pulse and rhythm. This could be clapping, stamping of your foot, clicking your fingers, tapping your head. Be creative and imaginative.


Click on this link >> << 

Anna Kendrick - Cups (Pitch Perfect’s “When I’m Gone”) 

Look how she uses clapping to create a rhythm. Can you create the cups song?


                    Show us all of your examples at @kensingprimary


2. Produce a poster, that would teach a friend all about Pulse and Rhythm. Use the information on the bbc bitesize page to help you. Remember, posters should include information and colourful images.

Thursday 23rd April 2020


Task 1

Please take this time to finish your History task. If you think you have finished, read through it and check for spelling errors, any additional information that you may wish to add and to make sure that it makes sense!


Task 2 

Complete the Arithmetic Task below. Make sure to give yourself 30 minutes to complete as many questions as you can. Come back tomorrow for the answers!

Arithmetic Task

Arithmetic Answers

Task 3



This half term, our Art Question is 'Are all Great Stories Written'? 

To start our topic off, watch the video below and have a go at making the artwork yourself at home. Send your examples to our twitter @kensingprimary #KensingtonArt


All great stories include emotions and feelings.

To link this activity to our 'art question', we would like you to think about emotions and feelings. When you look at your art work, how does it make you feel? 

*Confused?       *Inspired?      *Calm?       *Peaceful?      *Puzzled?


Write some examples down on the back of your artwork.


Still image for this video
Watch the video above, and re-create this artwork at home. Have a go experimenting with different colours!

                         Wednesday 22nd April 2020


We are close to finishing our learning of Ancient Greeks. Today, you are going to learn about Spartans and Athenians. 

You will be given some time tomorrow to complete this. 


- Read through the powerpoint. It is quite long so you may wish to make some notes. 


– Complete the table of pros and cons of being a Greek and a Spartan child.


 – Write a short paragraph about each of Greek and Spartan children, explaining the pros and cons of each.


Write one sentence to explain which you would prefer to be.



                                     Tuesday 21st April 2020


We can't believe it is the summer term already! For the next 6 weeks, we will be learning all about the U.S.A in Geography. The USA stands for  The United States of America. Ask your parents and guardians about the USA, and ask them to help you find it on a map. As much as we would all like to go on a warm holiday abroad, we have to stay at home to keep safe.

Task 1

Today, we would like you to watch the video clip below, travelling through different notable locations throughout the USA. 

Flying through USA

Still image for this video

Task 2


Look at the sheet carefully below 'Landmarks and Cost'. It will tell you how much it costs to visit each specific landmark in the USA. Use this sheet today to help you complete the main task below (task 3).

Landmarks and Cost

Task 3


Using your incredible hyper-speed NASA designed teleporter, you can travel across the USA in lightning-quick time. Below, explain how you will spend your day. Remember, you still have a budget ($4000): Use the sheet below, answering the 4 areas...


Where I’ll Visit

Why I want to go


Cost ($)

Trip Answering Sheet

Friday 3rd April


I don't know about you but this week seems to have just flown by. I hope you're starting to find more of a routine with your home learning. Remember, you want to keep your learning up to speed so that you are as prepared as possible when you get back to school.


Joga's Got Talent
This afternoon is Joga's Got Talent on Twitter, so your first task is to become our very own Simon Cowell and be the judge. You must score the acts that you see and decide your winner. Your vote can be casted on twitter by sharing your views. 

Second is, you will have the chance to enter and show how it is really done. Your task is to send in your own Joga's Got Talent on the school twitter page. With having such a talented year group, it would be great to see a year 5 pupil win. Get involved!

I am sure in the news this week you will have heard about people using the symbol of a rainbow to represent hope and to lift people's mood. The rainbow design has been focussed mainly on the NHS but it can be for anybody that you think either needs thanks or needs a lift. Your task is to design your own moral lifting design, which can include the rainbow. Try to think of a slogan to go with it and if you want, you can put them in your window, share them on our twitter page or give it to someone that you think deserves it. Here are some suggestions below. 

Thursday 2nd April


Today you are going to complete your Easter story. Your first part is the 'build up', showing Mary's shock and worry of receiving the news. The second part is describing the two key events. Be sure to follow the success criteria and include some of the sentence types. 


Please share your examples with the Kensington twitter page using #year5homelearning

Wednesday 1st April


In our run up to Easter, we have set you the challenge of retelling the story, but from the point of view of Mary. Take a look at the link below to recap the story and look at the role that Mary played.


You have to try and write this in 1st person, telling the story as if you are Mary. The benfit of doing this is you can include a lot of emotion. The writing is going to be split over 2 days. Today you are going to write the story up to where Mary discovers that Jesus is being crucified. 

Use the guide and the sentence types to help.


We would love to see some of your sentences / paragraphs / readings on twitter to share your creativity. Give it a go! 

Tuesday 31st March


Today, you are going to use your information of the Greek Gods you completed last week to create Top Trumps cards.  You must write 3-5 bullet point facts about the god or goddess on their Top Trump card.  Then, give them a score out of 100 in each category. You only have 300 points to use in total. Remember to write the name of the god/goddess and a drawing of what they look like. 

The link below will direct you to information about the gods/goddess that you can use to help you complete the task.


Share your top trump cards with your family at home, challenge them to play the game and see who wins! Good luck!


** You do not have to use the template below, this is just an example of what you could use / how to set your work out **



Toptrump Template

Monday 30th March

This afternoon's tasks are going to focus on 'key skills', ensuring your brain stays sharp and we build upon the learning from this year.


Task 1: GPS
Watch the pronoun song below to recap what a pronoun is and then attempt the questions below. 

Pronoun Song

Still image for this video
Task 2: Set your timer to 30 minutes. See how many questions you can answer on the arithmetic paper and check your score at the end. Remember, don't stay on a question too long, have a go of the questions you feel confident with and then come back to the ones you found more challenging at the end. Use all of your time!

Friday 27th March 2020


Computing – Hour of Coding


Follow the link below and complete the ‘Hour of Coding’ challenge. Use the clues and support on-screen to complete all 12 tasks.


Thursday 26th March 2020


Today, you are going to be doing some RE and reflecting on what we have learned about the 5 pillars of Islam and the similarities and differences between their life choices and our own. 

If you are unsure of the 5 Pillars, follow the link below to recap your learning.


Task: Finish the statements below

Every moment, Muslims believe…
Every moment, my key beliefs are…

Five times a day, Muslims try to…
Five times a day, I try to/I want to try to…

When their money comes in, Muslims…
I can be generous by…

For one month in the year, Muslims…
Within the next year, I intend to…

Once in a lifetime, Muslims hope to go to…
One big hope for my lifetime is…

Some of the key similarities and differences between my intentions and a Muslim’s intentions are….


Wednesday 25th March 2020


1.  Please spend the first 45 minutes on IDL, Reading Plus, TT Rockstars or Spelling Shed. You have been given your log-on. You will find this in your folder.


2. For the next 30 minutes, please use this time to complete your science from yesterday. If you have finished, you can read your home reader for this period.




For the rest of the afternoon – we want you to be active and to get your bodies moving. You are half way through the week and doing a great job learning at home!


1.  Click on this link, and scroll to the bottom of the page


2.  You will find 5 mini activities. Watch the video, so you know how to complete it.


3.  Have a go at each activity – repeating each one three times.  See if you can challenge yourself to beat your previous score. Remember to drink lots of water!


After you have had a rest, it is time to slow down and relax! Click on the following link and complete the 30 minute YOGA activity.

Tuesday 24th March 2020

In science this term, we have been learning about Properties of Materials. To continue our learning, we would like you to complete the three BBC Bitzesize activities. When you have read the information and watched the videos, please complete the online interactive activity at the bottom of each page.  


If you are unable to access the online activity, you can write your answers on paper instead.


1. What is dissolving?


2. What is separation?


3. What are irreversible changes?


Finished? Check below for the Star Challenge!



Think about how you could share the information you have learnt with a friend. 



*Non-Chronological Report


Success Criteria: - 

*Scientific vocabulary

*Third person


*Use Adverbs from your English lesson to link your paragraphs.


Monday 23rd March 2020

We Hope you've been having a nice day so far everyone! smiley


We have started learning all about the Ancient Greeks. This week, you are going to learn more about the Greek Gods.

Use the link below to research some Key facts about each of the 12 Greek Gods. It is up to you how you lay this out...get creative!

If you're really proud of the work you've done, ask your parent or guardian to tweet us @kensingPrimary and make sure they #year5homelearning so we can have a look!