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Welcome to 5B's class page.


We are a friendly, energetic and inquisitive class, consisting of 21 pupils (12 girls and 9 boys). Our interests and hobbies range from reading and relaxing to sports and Spanish. We are incredibly lucky to have so many different points of views, cultures and life experiences as they all contribute towards a positive working environment. We are already looking forward to a year of exploring a wide range of topics.

 Weekly Timetable


Day Activity

Times Table Rock Stars checked

Maths homework given (collected the following Monday)

Tuesday PE: Please remember your kit.

Reading books checked and changed.

(Books can be changed upon request on any day of the week). 

Thursday English / GPS homework given and collected

Spelling test

New spellings given


Autumn Overview


Maths: Place value, calculations and fraction, decimal and percentages are our main topic areas this term. The children will carry out a range of investigations to challenge their understanding and promote an ethos of asking questions and exploring the possibility of their being more than one possible answer. Throughout the term the children will be asked to use the resources, diagrams and discussion to form answers to a range of questions and conundrums.


English: Do you believe in magic? Well if you do, then come and join 5B on a journey into the place between. Here we will look at the mystical world used by magicians to create their magic, while becoming an expert on what it takes to perform in a circus.


Geography: What does a mouth, an oxbow lake and clouds have in common? They all play a vital part in the water cycle. 5B will be exploring the role of rivers and how they contribute to the water cycle and the world around us.


Science: Ever wondered the difference between mass and weight? Ever thought about what is stopping us floating off into space or being squashed on the ground? This term, we will explore the different forces and the scientists responsible for their discovery. Break out the newton metres, there are investigations to be done!



Place value song

Still image for this video

Break out the newton metres!

Break out the newton metres! 1
Break out the newton metres! 2
Break out the newton metres! 3
Break out the newton metres! 4

Spring Term


English - Jumanji


Imagine playing a game where each roll of the dice could turn your world upside down. Well this term, our class  are reading the original tale of Jamanji by Chris Van Allsburg, This story is about two children who discover a board game that takes them on an adventure they will never forget. 

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