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English -Autumn term 1. We are reading a selection of traditional tales, we started with the tale of The Little Red Hen.

We loved making gingerbread man puppets and using them to retell the story.

We enjoyed using Chatta in our active reading lesson to talk about what was happening in each picture. We tried hard to start all our sentences with the sentence openers. Please look on 1HB Facebook Chatta for this chat.

We found these bowls of porridge in the classroom this morning but someone had eaten the porridge in the small bowl and left a mess all over the table. Who could it have been?

Chatta linked to Goldilocks and the three bears. We have described how the Bears were feeling or what they were wearing. Please go to 1HB Chatta on Facebook to listen to this chat.

We used Chatta to say how we though the crayons were feeling in the book The day the crayons quit. We used some lovely emotion words.

We used Chatta to explain what happened at the end of the story -The day the crayons quit.

Please see 1HB Chatta on Facebook for all our chats.

We have been looking at rules in RE and why we have them. The children acted out our class rules.

Maths work in Autumn term will be focused on place value. This will include grouping objects, lots of counting both forwards and backwards and understanding the value of numbers and what they represent.

A selection of photographs of us doing lots of counting, grouping, problem solving and reasoning activities.

We have been counting forwards and backwards, trying to understand that when we count back the numbers get smaller. We used cubes and number lines to help us with this.

Using cubes to understand that when we count back the numbers get smaller.

We have been using cubes to help us understand 1 less and to solve problems.

We have been working out whether there are enough objects for each person to have one each (one to one correspondence)

Problem solving and reasoning linked to one to one correspondence.

We have been working on greater than/less than and equal to in maths lessons. We have enjoyed using the crocodiles to help us understand these concepts (the open mouth of the crocodile likes to eat the numbers that are greater than)

Science - this half term we have been on a sound walk, we then recorded sounds we heard on our walk.

We enjoyed watching a video to help us understand how we hear and how our ears work. We then planned and conducted an investigation to find out which bell would be best to use at playtime so everyone can hear it

Geography - we want to find out why Kensington primary school is here in Kensington. We started by talking about the things we like about our school and the things we would like to change about it. We the n thought about the area outside our school, what we liked and disliked.

We went for a walk around our local area to see what we have around our school. We saw lots of different things, lots of houses, shops, a church, trees, grass and lots of litter.

A selection of activities during continuous provision time.

We enjoyed our trip to Asda to look for things on our shopping list. We used our phonic knowledge and picture clues in store to help us find the ingredients that The Little Red Hen needed to make bread. We enjoyed scanning the things on our list and finding out how much these things cost.

History. We found a mystery bag with a selection of objects in it. We looked at the objects and predicted who we thought it belonged to. We had a WOW visitor in to school he dressed up as Guy Fawkes and taught us all about The Gunpowder Plot.

Our WOW visitor taught us about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. We enjoyed learning about him and his plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

We have been using a selection of resources to help us with our work on addition.

The children have enjoyed using the sand to help them with letter formation.

We are learning how to say months of the year and days of the week in Spanish.

Science for 2nd half of Autumn term is about light and dark linked to seasonal change. We went on a walk around school to see how many different light sources we could find.

Oracy work linked to a story about a cat and a dog. The children talked about what they could see in each picture. They then added some adjectives and connectives to help them retell a good story.

We have been using concrete resources and our knowledge of counting on and number bonds to help us solve problems. We have just started work on vocabulary related to subtraction, working out how many are left and solving problems related to this. We have been trying hard to explain how we worked out the problems.

We have enjoyed extending our vocabulary and using our observational skills to describe what we can see. We have enjoyed using the sand to help us with letter formation. We loved our game of bingo when we showed off our counting and number recognition knowledge.

Week beginning 9-12-19. This week we have been solving problems and learning how to count back on a number line. We have also been learning how to find the difference using counters and recognising the part, part whole model which helps us work out answers to problems.

We have been listening to the Christmas story, we matched definitions to words from the story. We sequenced the story in groups and helped one another to retell the story. We did a Chatta to help us remember the Christmas story so that next week we can have a go at writing sentences linked to the story.

Christmas story Chatta.

We rolled the dice and made CVC words with the letters on the dice. We used our phonic knowledge to help us do this.

Spring term 2020.


D&T -designing and making a coat to keep teddy warm in winter..

Recognising and matching number words.

In English we have been looking at fantasy stories - The night dragon, Where the wild things are and we have been watching a selection of short fantasy stories.

In Science we have been learning how we get day and night. We have been sorting light sources into natural/man made/light from batteries/light from electricity.

Learning about properties of shapes.

We love stay and read with our parents.

A WOW visit to Chester zoo to compare animals and humans as part of our Science work, we had a lovely time looking at the animals.

After reading The Night Dragon we discussed how Maude was feeling when the other dragons were not being very kind to her. We talked about times when we felt sad and lonely, we discussed the question -Is it ever ok to be mean to others. All the children in the class said that NO it was never ok to be mean to others even if they were being mean to us. The children said that if people were being mean to one another they should go and tell an adult.

After reading Where the wild things are we took part in decision alley, the children shared their decisions on what they would do if they were Max. We had some good ideas of what we would do/not do in his position.