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Year 4

Throughout year 4, children will develop map work skills further, locating Rivers, capital cities and mountain ranges.  Children will investigate the importance of flood barriers and uses of Rivers in history and how they have had an impact on modern day life. Year 4 will study physical and human features of geography which will include, climate zones, rivers, and locating countries in relation to the Equator, tropic of Cancer and tropic of Capricorn. Children will investigate why cities are built and what their exports are with a focus on Dubai. In the summer term the children will focus mainly on South America, they will study the Amazon Rainforest, vegetation, animals and climate.

You can help your child develop a further interest in Geography by supporting your child’s learning.

Here are a few ideas,

Brazil:   Fun facts about Brazil


Map work


Liverpool v London ( Rivers)

Why not enjoy a family day out on the River Mersey? Take a picnic, make a day of it!

How do the flood barriers protect London?

UK rivers