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Year 3

Hello and welcome to Year 3!


This year has been an exciting year so far and we have learnt lots already. We would like to share some of this with you. 


Our teachers in year 3 are Mrs Hatcher, Miss Telfer and Mrs Willshire. Working with our teachers are Miss Buckley, who is a learning support assistant in Mrs Hatcher's class, Miss Parry works as a learning support assistant in Miss Telfer's class and Ms Bryne, who works alongside Mrs Willshire as a learning support assistant.


Some important information:

Homework and spellings will be given out on a Tuesday and collected the following Tuesday.


Swimming is on Monday. Please ensure you have a swimming kit every week and that girls have a swimming cap. These can be purchased at the school office for £1.75.


PE is on a Friday, please ensure you have a white t-shirt, black shorts and pumps.


Can we remind parents that football kits are not allowed for PE lessons.


Maths homework is online,

Your child’s teacher has created homework for your child to complete by a certain date.


Reading books will be changed regularly. Children will read on a regular basis with the teacher or learning support assistant on a 1:1 basis. Please ensure your child’s book is in school every day.




We started year 3 using Gorilla by Anthony Browne. By using just the pictures of the text we have created exciting adjectives to describe what is happening in the pictures. Through the text we have used role play to create speech and develop a further understanding of the text.


The children enjoyed a visit from the author Helen Moss. Helen introduced adventure and mystery stories to the children which eventually led to the children writing their own adventure and mystery stories. 


Our poetry topic has been great fun for the children. They explored, performed and wrote their own shape poems. 


Active read has been a great success so far with the children. They have really enjoyed exploring extracts and developing their reading and comprehension skills through them. 


The children wrote instructions for making Pinchos which was linked to our DT and Geography topic. 



We started the year looking at counting in multiples, mainly 2,3,4,8,50 and 100. The children have used a range of resources to help them to understand how to count in multiples securely. We moved onto understanding place value in 3 digit numbers, finding 1, 10, 100 more or less. The children used this knowledge to help them solve addition and subtraction calculations. They learnt how to use column method to help them solve these calculation and use and apply their knowledge to solve every day problems, including money and measurement problems. 


In Spring and Summer the children learnt how to read and write time before moving onto 2d and 3d shape work. 


Supporting your child in mathematics 


Each child has log on details and a password for times tables rock stars. Please encourage your child to complete these as often as possible as times tables knowledge is incredibly important. Times tables rock stars is a free APP that can be downloaded unto any mobile device. Throughout the year competitions are held using times tables rock stars.



Science: The children have learnt about the importance of the right type and amount of nutrition as well as the functions of skeletons and muscles in animals and humans in Autumn 1. In Autumn 2 they explored forces and investigated the question,  ‘Which is the best material for Santa to land his sleigh on?’  

Recently we have investigated rocks and soils. We have even made our own fossils!



Art – Autumn, the focus of our art was on masterpieces. The children learnt about the work of Henri Matisse and Georgia O’Keefe. In Spring the children focused on European art. They learnt how to draw broken buildings, shape buildings and they had fun painting on the ceiling like Michelangelo. 


Sewing puppets, making a mediterranean meal and making their very own catapult are just some of the fantastic things the children have been learning to do in DT. 

RE - This year we have focused on religious stories and the morals we can learn from them, religious signs and symbols and the Christmas. The children also learnt about the Easter story. 

History – Our first unit in History is the Stone Age. This unit will teach the children about how the Stone Age to Bronze Age period impacted on life in Britain. They will learn about how early man survived in a harsh environment, why Skara Brae was important for understanding life in the Stone Age, how copper mining was crucial to the Bronze Age and why Stonehenge was built. Children will also learn about why Iron Age people developed hillforts and how important Druids were in Iron Age Britain.

University outreach project_science and history combined



In Geography the children have learnt about volcanoes, campsites and Spain. We had a fantastic Spanish day where the children took part in cooking Spanish food and learning about Spanish culture and traditions. 



The children created their own animations using stop motion for the story Noah's Ark. MGL came into school to teach the children how to program a robot. This was good fun. 

WOW Visits:

Helen Moss visited year 3 for a story telling session in the immersion room. She answered the childrens' questions and discussed the key ingredients for a good adventure and mystery story.


Following the story telling session the children split into their own classes to plan their own adventure and mystery story with Helen. They worked together in teams to crack codes and make links to where the treasure was going to be hidden. A number of clues were revealed on the adventure to give the children ideas for planning their own adventure and mystery story.


The children had an amazing time investigating the island of castle key. They put their mystery detective brains into action to solve the mystery of the hidden gold!


For our history WOW visit we went back in time to the Iron Age. The children learnt what it would be like to live in the Iron Age. They weaved reeds for the roof of a roundhouse, defended their land, foraged for food and weaved the walls of an animal pen. It was a great day!