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Year 3

What an eruptive time year 3 have had in their geography lessons in Autumn! They have been investigating and inquiring all about Volcanoes! They have used world maps and Atlases to locate the World's most famous active and dormant volcanoes.

The children have also investigated how the Earth is made up of different layers and the features of a volcano.


Exciting news.......The year 3 even made their very own Volcano!!!!!! THEN……….using Coke and Mints …………….stood back and watched it erupt!!!! ( Video to follow soon….)

For extended writes the children of year 3 created a diary entry from the prospectus of an eye witness!!  They are rather good, even if I do say so myself! Not only did they use their philosophical ideas and opinions to put themselves in the shoes of the eye witness, they had to use their geographical knowledge and understanding of the dangers and effects of an erupting volcano in its surrounding areas!!



Support for Parents:

If you would like to help your child’s Geographical learning and understanding of the topics that they are investigating within Geography, I have put together a bank of resources to help you.

If you find any resources that you think would be beneficial to add to our resource bank, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can email the school

FAO: School Geography Leader: C Willshire





How to make your own Volcano


To children….DO NOT attempt to do this own your own YOU MUST have an adult supervising



Volcano Videos

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