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Year 2

English - 2B acting out the fabulous moment Claude saved the day and stopped the Robber from stealing the sculpture. # Claude in the city by Alex T Smith.

2B using rulers to measure length of items around the classroom.

Welcome back and a Happy New Year!!


This half term in year 2 we are going to be working hard and learning lots of new things.


English - We will be reading different stories  by the same author, looking at explanation and information texts and work on poetry. We will also be working hard to improve our handwriting, grammar, punctuation and spellings.


Mathematics - We will be learning about fractions and measures including money and time. We will also be practicing all we have already learned in Autumn term.


Science - We will be looking at different materials, in particular we will be investigating which materials did they use to build Liverpool One shopping area and why they used these materials.


History - We will be studying Florence Nightingale to find out why we should be proud of her.

Florence Nightingale choosing her nurses.Florence teaching us how she wanted the hospital cleaning!


Religious Education - We will be looking at special books and thinking about what makes a book special.


Music - We will be creating and performing a musical soundtrack and taking part in weekly singing lessons to learn new songs.


Art - We will be thinking about Batman and Superman and asking whether they belong in a museum. We will be looking at how these characters are created in books and comics.


Computing - We will use Emails to communicate and exploring whether you can create a story without a book.


We are really looking forward to learning about all these new things, lots of pictures to follow. 


Welcome to a new academic year.


Hello we are Year 2, there are two classes 2B and 2H and we are very excited for the year ahead.


We have Ms Bannan and Miss Conlon teaching us in 2B and Mrs Horton and Mrs Plant in 2H.


Our teachers are really pleased with us as we have settled quickly and sensibly into Year 2.


This half term we have been developing our story telling skills and learning about adjectives and adding detail to our stories to make them interesting.

In maths we have been working on aspects of number(counting, adding, times tables, < > signs, fractions and place values).


In Science we have been extending our knowledge of forces, reading maps, learning about weather and temperatures in different countries around the world and how this can affect where animals live in geography. 


In Art we have been trying to find out whether Big Ben is stronger than the Eiffel tower. We have observed these buildings and drawn them using different drawing instruments.


In Computing we have been programming robots to follow instructions and in Religious Education we have been thinking about what people believe about God/religions around the world.


Autumn term second half -

In English we have been working on stories with familiar settings, we have really enjoyed reading about unusual characters in familiar settings, comparing 2 twins Lil and Ellie and reading about Horrid Henry and his perfect brother called Peter.

We really enjoyed reading about Miss Bennett and Mr Knight casting spells and changing themselves into unusual creatures. We then had a go at writing our own stories were we changed some of our teachers into unusual characters.


In maths we have been continuing our work on addition and subtraction and learning how to check our work using our knowledge of inverse. We have also been working on multiplication and division, we have been learning about arrays, times tables and repeated addition on a number line to help us solve multiplication problems.


In History we have been learning about Queen Victoria and the Victorian era, we visited Weaver Hall Museum to find out what it was like as a child in a work house in Victorian times, some of us are really glad that we did NOT live in Victorian times as it was rather scary.


In Science we have been learning about the importance of eating your '5 a day' and talking about other things we can do to keep ourselves healthy. We have been learning about the different food groups and the importance of eating a balanced diet.


We have been working very hard on a production about stories from around the world with Mrs White and we are really looking forward to presenting this production on the 8th December 2016.


We have also started to think about Christmas and we will be presenting the Nativity story with Year 6 on the 16th December 2016, it would be lovely if you could come along and share these things with us.



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