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Year 2

We have 3 wonderful classes in Year 2, filled with happy, enthusiastic, hard-working children. Our classes are 2B, 2H and 2M and our teachers are Miss Bannan, Mrs Hutchings and Miss Moran. We are helped in our learning by our teaching assistants who are Miss Byrne, Miss Parry, Mrs Conlan-Bloor and Mrs Riley. 


In maths this term we are starting with counting and place value. We will be practising counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s, as well as learning about how to partition numbers, building on our Year 1 knowledge.


In English we will be reading Lila and the Secret of Rain. We will use this to write exciting sentences and build on our vocabulary. We will also be having a go at writing our own poetry in our patterns on a page topic.


This term we are learning about Healthy Living in science, thinking about how we can stay fit and healthy as we grow.


Our geography topic is all about weather around the world. We enjoy exploring the atlases to find out where different countries are and why we have different climates.


In art we are exploring how we can make different colours.


Our PE lessons are every Tuesday morning. We love our lessons with Mr Harris and Mr O'Shea!

Stay and read, some of the parents of children in 2B stayed in school to read with their children. We LOVE reading!!

African drumming with our WOW visitor. We learned how to play an African drum, we linked this to our English work related to the wonderful story - Lila and the secret of rain.

Autumn 2nd half term 2017.


In the Autumn term we looked at traditional tales, learning about the features of these tales and using these features to write our own traditional tales. We also wrote our own story about a witch who wanted to go on holiday but on her journey she had a bit of a disaster with her hat.


Cross curricular geography and maths.


We investigated how to get our hands clean, we planned the investigation thinking carefully about how we could make it a fair test. We really enjoyed taking part in the experiment and finding out that the best way is to use warm water with soap.

We also wanted to find out what happens to our bodies during exercise so we felt our heart beats before and after exercise. We discovered that after exercise our hearts were beating faster than before exercise. We also discovered that are bodies get hotter during exercise.


We have just started looking at Queen Victoria, we have been very interested in her and have lots of question that we are going to find the answers to over the next few weeks. We watched a clip from Oliver the musical to see what it was like in a workhouse in the Victorian era. We will also be visiting Weaver Hall soon to discover more about life in a workhouse. We will post photos of our visit very soon, watch this space!!


we have been working hard on learning how to add/subtract using a range of resources and strategies including number lines, base 10 and drawing our own number lines to help us.. We will be moving on to multiplication, division and fractions before we finish for Christmas.

We enjoyed welcoming some of our parents to stay and puzzle. Some of the puzzles and problems we had to solve were challenging but we were resilient and tried hard to solve them. Thank you to our families for sharing your time with us on our problems and puzzles.

Design and Technology.

We will be designing and making a Christmas gift by sewing pieces of fabric together - watch this space for photos of our sewing skills and the finished product.



We will be using the computers to see if we can create a masterpiece - watch this space for our masterpieces created on computers.

Can a computer create a masterpiece? We think the children can use computers to create masterpieces!!

Spring Term



We begin the Spring term reading Claude in the City by Alex T. Smith. We learn all about Claude and his new adventure, and we get lots of opportunities to practise our writing with postcards, newspaper reports and poems. 


In maths, we will be consolidating our understanding of division through our work on fractions. We look at how we can represent halves, quarters and thirds. We also apply our number and place value work to shapes and measure.


Our history topic is all about Florence Nightingale and the work she did. We look at how she made a difference and the legacy she has left behind.


In RE we consider what makes a book special and think about books which are special to us.


Our work in art focuses on buildings. We look at the work of slowly, Canaletto and Federico Babina. We practise sketching using light and shade, using Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower for inspiration. 

We have been exploring fractions by folding paper into halves, quarters and thirds. We have been learning how many halves, quarters and thirds there are in a whole.
Learning about equivalent fractions.
Year 2 were introduced to Florence Nightingale, they asked her lots of questions so they could learn more about her.

Thank you to our WOW visitor for teaching us so much about Florence Nightingale.

We enjoy shared reading time with year 4. We can show the year 4's how good we are at reading and they help us with challenging words and understanding their meanings.

We have been exploring the features of newspaper reports.

Spring second half term.
We had a great WOW visit to The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester to explore flight and forces.
Science week 12th March 2018
Researching the famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton during science week.

Work on time and continuous work related to division, multiplication, missing numbers and identifying missing symbols.

We have been exploring poetry in English.

Summer term


Science - We are studying plants and habitats.


Zoo lab brought in some unusual animals for us to look at - a tarantula, rats, a scorpion, a millipede and giant land snails. We learned about these animals and their habitats.
In Geography we have been studying Mexico and coastal erosion.
Some photo's of our WOW visit to Wirral Country Park to study coastal erosion. We also extended our knowledge of plants and animals that linked to our science work on plants and animals and their habitats.
In English we have been reading The snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. We have been writing poems and looking at explanation texts.
In maths we have been working on position, direction and movement and statistics.

We moved clockwise and anti-clockwise in different directions thinking about quarter, half ,three quarter and full turns. We loved using our right angle checkers to find right angles in and out of the classroom.

Design Technology and art.

We loved designing and making lighthouses in Design Technology.

Using watercolours to paint our sketches of Thurstaston. We also evaluated our own and other work.