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Year 1

Welcome to 1S, Miss Smith and Mrs Begum.

Welcome to 1S, Miss Smith and Mrs Begum. 1

Hello we are 1B

Hello we are 1B 1

This year in year 1 we have 3 wonderful classes bursting with enthusiasm, excitement and lots of challenges to help us in our learning. Our teachers are Mrs Hutchings, Miss Smith, and Ms Bannan, and our classes are 1H, 1S and 1B. We also have lots of help from our teaching assistants who are Miss Latham, Mrs Begum, Mrs Malone and Mrs Riley.


We have a  busy term filled with lots of exciting trips, activities and learning. In English we are focusing on Traditional Tales. We are reading lots of stories and showing off our impressive writing skills by creating story maps, speech bubbles, and even a wanted poster to help catch that pesky Goldilocks, who is hiding in the forest.


In Maths we are building on our knowledge of number, we are looking at counting forwards and backwards, writing our numbers correctly, and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s!


In Geography we are focusing on our local community. We will be looking at our local area and what makes Kensington so great!


In R.E we have been looking at rules. We have had lots of discussion on what makes a good rule, what rules we use in school, at home, and looked at how the law is made up of lots of rules to keep us safe. The children have enjoyed participating in creating their own class rules.


Our PE lessons are every Wednesday morning. We love our lessons with Mr O'Shea and Mr Harris!

WOW visit to Asda to look at numbers and words in real life situations.

Maths - we have been doing lots of counting, identifying 'teen' and 'ty' numbers, looking at ordinal positions and representing numbers with a selection of resources to help us with our understanding of quantity.

Autumn 2nd half term.

History. WOW visitor -Why do we celebrate Bonfire night? We have been learning about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate Bonfire night.

Mathematics. We have been learning about addition, the vocabulary associated with it and the resources we can use to help us with this work.