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Wow Visits and Visitors

Year 5 - Monday 19th September
Wow Visit - The Peak District
Cross Curricular Subject: Geography

On Monday, year 5 went exploring at the Peak District, where they learnt about meanders, tributaries and even discovered which part of the river is known as the confluence. Yet the highlight was being able to put on their willies and get into the river where they measured the width, depth, temperature and speed of the water.


William (5P) "It was brilliant! We got to climb into the river and use metre sticks and tape measures. The best bit was using dog biscuits to measure the speed of the river, I was put in charge of the stopwatch!"

Year 6 - Wednesday 28th September
Wow Visitor - Dance Group
Cross Curricular Subject: History

On Wednesday, each year 6 class experienced a day of time travel! They created and used their very own time machines to fly back through the decades to explore the evolution of dance. Each decade had its own style and the children enjoyed recreating it with the leadership of John from MDI.

Over the duration of the session, the children had performed the Charleston, Thriller and the Macarena to name but a few. The use of positional language, counting of beats and the creation of some rather interesting shapes were just a few of the maths skills on display.

Year 1 - Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th October
Wow Visit: Tesco
Cross Curricular: English


This week year 1 have done a very kind deed and helped the characters from a selection of fairy tale stories. They have searched Tesco's isles and found a range of items to make them their favourite meals. Their shopping lists came in very useful as they filled their baskets full of ingredients. They also made good use of their maths skills as they discovered number being used in a variety of ways.


Great job year 1 and we are sure Goldilocks will love her porridge!

Reception / Year 1 / Year 2 / Year 5 - Monday 10th October

Wow Visit - The puzzle Company


Today has all been about using our logical thinking skills to overcome a wide range of challenging puzzles. Throughout the day, children displayed team work, collaboration and true resilience to successfully solve a variety of brain teasers. It was an extremely fun and practical way to get our brains working and it was great to see so many happy faces by the end of the session. A huge thank you to the Puzzle company for such a fun variety of tasks and activities!

Year 3 / Year 4 / Year 6 - Tuesday 11th October

Wow Visit - The puzzle Company


Kensington had another day of brain teasing puzzles as some new classes put their resilience to the test. It was great to see such a fantastic display of teamwork and there is nothing better than hearing those cheers when a group has cracked the puzzle.  It was an extremely fun and practical way to get our brains working and after a fun filled 2 days, we can certainly say that the children of Kensington love a challenge!


Thank you once again to the Puzzle Company for bringing such a variety of puzzles to our school, we have love it!

Year 5 - Tuesday 1st November
More Able Maths - Wilderness survival!


A selection of our year 5 pupils along with pupils from St Anne's Catholic Primary School, Longmoor Community Primary School and St Celcillia's Catholic Junior  

participated in a fun packed day of real life maths! Our wow visitor, Ian Botwright brought a wide variety of puzzles and challenges to keep the children thinking throughout the day. How many people would fit inside a 4 person tent? How could a compass help you create a variety of shapes? What foods take priority in your backpack?


It was a great day and it was brilliant to see such high levels of collaboration and teamwork. At least now if you ever get stuck in the wilderness, you know who to ask for help!


Year 6 - Wednesday 2nd November
More Able Maths - Wilderness survival!


Day 2 of our real life maths and Ian Botwright returned with a new variety of wilderness survival tasks. Our year 6 pupils were this time joined by pupils from Broadgreen Primary School, Dovedale Junior School and Whitefield Primary, who did a fantastic job of representing their school!


The day was full of tasks that challenged the children to think about what was a priority in the wilderness, what would you pick - a tin of beans or a bottle of water? The children had to take into consideration its weight and nutritional value, with some rather interesting selections! Their challenges took them outside where compass skills aided them in following directions and solving a selection of puzzles, allowing them to build upon and apply a variety of their maths skills.


It was a great day and all of the children demonstrated excellent teamwork throughout each task to find a solution and appeared to certainly enjoy the challenge. Well done!

Year 5 - Tuesday 8th November

Wow visitor - Professor Fluffy


University may seem like a million years away for some of our children but we are already building the skills needed to succeed in life and 'Professor Fluffy' and his team from Liverpool University came to share a very important message with our year 5's. The children completed a variety of tasks and were given a first hand account about what university life is like and more importantly the opportunities a degree can bring when you're older.


The children really enjoyed their day and spent time thinking about what they would like to be when they're older along with the path they would have to take to get there. The sky is the limit and we should always strive to reach our goals!

Year 6 - Wednesday 9th November

Wow event: COMPACT - Battle of the Bands


Ever wanted to be in a band? Ever wanted to tour the world and perform in front of thousands of people? Well our year 6 pupils became band members for their morning and had to create a new Christmas number 1 song.


It was a great morning and their maths skills came in rather useful: -

  • Finances: Managing the cost of traveling to the different venues, having somewhere to stay and being able to be well fed throughout.
  • Distance: Map work was crucial, the children used coordinates and ratio to work out the distances they were traveling, ensuring they had the most cost effective route.


By the end of the session, each group had been on a whirlwind tour and finished with a live performance of their song. Well done year 6, the X-Factor is waiting!

Year 6 - Wednesday 9th November

Wow Visit: Explore Learning Competition


Four of our year 6's went to Liverpool's Explore Centre to take part in the Young National Mathematics Competition 2016 and represent our school. They were set a variety of challenges involving maths and had to work together to find the answers. The resilience and teamwork on display was fantastic and they certainly did Kensington proud!


“A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it.”

- Ray A. Davis 

Year 4 - Friday 18th November

Wow Visit: Catalyst Museum

Cross Curricular: Science


Year 4 were proof that maths really is everywhere! During their science trip to the Catalyst museum, they discovered the 'puzzle room', a room full of a variety of brain teasing puzzles. Year 4, being a group of children who love a challenge, jumped straight in and put their teamwork skills and resilience to action.


The children had a great day and showed maths is a skill for life, no matter what subject you are doing.

Year 5 - Tuesday 22nd November

Wow Visit: COMPACT


Year 5 enjoyed a morning of real life maths, experiencing what it would be like to set up a business. Their task was to create, advertise and sell a baby mobile. This involved strategic planning, creativity, teamwork and a pitch good enough to be on Dragon's Den. The children really enjoyed the challenge and demonstrated the qualities needed to make a business a success. The maths on display was brilliant; the children had to measure their baby mobiles, create a price plan and work out if their discounts will leave them with a profit.

Whole School - Friday 9th December

Wow Visit: Ice Skating


After weeks of poster designing for the maths competition, we finally had our selection of winners (one from each class) - their prize was an afternoon at Liverpool Ice Rink for a fun filled session ice skating.

Year 5 and 6 Entrepreneur Challenge
Wow event: Christmas Fayre


'Dragon's Den' and 'The Apprentice' have nothing on our year 5 and 6 pupils who took on the 2016 Christmas Fayre Challenge! With a small budget, they had to create the biggest profit possible, thinking about the ingredients needed, the cost and quantity of each item and the profit margins when they were sold.


  • 5E made Christmas chocolate cakes
  • 5P made Christmas stars and fruit skewers
  • 6O made biscuit bundles
  • 6N made cake pops

The project used a wide range of maths skills including: money, measure, ratio and number problems. It was a team effort and the profit raised went to support 2 charities with strong links to the school (KIND and the Hucklow organisation). It was great to see so much team work.

The year groups made a combined profit of just over £120 and it was lovely to receive such a kind worded letter from the charity KIND. Well done year 5 and 6!

Year 5 and 6 - Tuesday 23rd January

Wow Visit: Phoenix Primary Quiz


We were incredibly lucky to be invited down to Phoenix primary school to participate in a maths quiz. Phoenix were incredibly hospitable and the maths on display was fantastic to see. Thank you for such a kind invitation and we look forward to having you come and visit us in the near future. Take a look at our maths ambassadors hard at work in the pictures below.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Year 4 - Wednesday 25th January

Wow Visit: Seeing buildings through the eyes of an architect
Cross Curricular: Geography


Sometimes we fail to take a glance at the world around us and see what fantastic structures already exist. Well year 4 spent a day seeing the world through the eyes of an architect and he was able to explain how different structures are designed and made. It was a great session and the children were given the opportunity to see how maths plays such an important role - angles of the frame give the structure strength, the length and width of the frame is incredibly important and with the correct pattern, you can make a building as tall as a skyscraper!


Year 4 even had a go at creating some of their own rather large designs. Great teamwork year 4, looks like you had an absolutely fantastic day.

Whole School - Thursday 26th January

Wow Visit: Chinese New Year Celebrations


After a range of Chinese New Year activities, it was great to have a visit from the Liverpool Hung Gar Kung Fu association. It was a great assembly and the children loved hearing about the story of the lions and the dragons.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

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Year 1 - Tuesday 31st January

Wow Visit: Techniquest

Cross Curricular: Science


Year 1 had a fun filled day at techniquest, a centre full of investigation, problem solving and teamwork. The children had a great time putting their brains to the test and finding the solution to so many practical and engaging tasks.


Science and maths go hand in hand, especially when it comes to problem solving. These problems linked to size, measure, shape and space. The children showed resilience and teamwork to find the answer and it is even better that they did it with a smile on their face.

Key Stage 2- Wednesday 1st February

Wow Visit: Barclays Digital Eagle


Key Stage 2 had a great day working with the team from Barclays as they came to speak to the children about the importance of technology in future job prospects. They also put our coding knowledge to the test as each class created their own game. The use of variables had a big impact on the time of game they created and it was great to see so much resilience and problem solving on display. Thank you to the Barclays Digital Eagle team.

Year 6 - Wednesday 1st February
Wow Visit - Port Sunlight

Cross curricular - Geography (Exploring a modern village)


Year 6 have been creating a case study of Chembakolli, a small village in India. To enable the children to get a better understanding of what a village is like, we went on a morning trip to Port Sunlight. Like in any exploration of somewhere new, we went equipped with our cameras, jotters and maps.


By using our coordinate map, we were able to find a variety of landmarks within the village and record their location. It was such an enjoyable trip and we even found roman numerals on the side of the World War 1 and 2 monument. Can you work out when it was made? We could!

Year 4- Thursday 8th February
Wow Visit - Caboodle 'Able maths' day


We were very lucky to have a visit from Anne Fieldhouse, who brought a variety of maths challenges for a selection of our year 4 pupils to try. It was great to have a variety of schools come and join us on our quest for solutions. Numbers, symbols and shapes were all on display and it was great to see such a wide range of team work on display. Thank you for a fantastic day and we hope our local schools can come and join us again for our year 3 able maths day next week!

Year 5 - Monday 13th February

Wow visit: COMPACT

Cross curricular - Healthy living


For this year's COMPACT session, year 5 were set the task of creating a healthy menu. They had to explore a variety of ingredients, exploring their nutritional value and cost. By the end of the morning, each group made their pitch, explaining why they believe their menu was the most cost effective, whilst also being tasty and nutritious!

Year 3- Tuesday 13th February
Wow Visit - Caboodle 'Able maths' day


No time for Valentine's day when there is maths to be done! We were very pleased to welcome back Anne Fieldhouse for another day of maths challenges - this time working with children from year 3. We were also joined by a variety of schools to participate in a day of puzzles, conundrums and brain teasers. I hope they enjoyed the day as much as we did and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Whole School - NSPCC Number day

Date: 17th February


What a day it was! Kensington Community was transformed into a sea of numbers - the teachers, the pupils and each and every classroom was just immersed in maths. It was great to see so many children wearing their numbers with pride and even setting their own puzzles based on the numbers they had.


The lessons throughout the day had a cross curricular maths link and the children absolutely loved it! Over the course of the day we had:

  • Who wants to be a mathionaire
  • Maths through stories
  • Maths board games and quizzes
  • Philosophy lessons
  • Maths mazes


It was a fun filled day that helped raise money for a very good cause, so thank you to everyone who donated!

Whole School - After school maths fun

Date - 17th February


What a great end to the half term and NSPCC Number Day. Who wouldn't enjoy a variety of fun and games to celebrate such an enjoyable day? Bingo, stay standing bingo and a beetle drive were just a few of the games on display as the children and parents played for a selection of prizes. We are already looking forward to the next one.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Upper Key Stage 2 - World Book Day


At Kensington primary, we are constantly on the lookout for maths in other areas of our life and World Book Day was a perfect opportunity. The children were posed the question 'Which book has the longest word length on average?' - using their data collection skills they were able to investigate a variety of books and find the mean average.

So which book do you think has the longest word length?

  • J.K Rowling - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone
  • Roald Dahl's BFG
  • Jacqueline Wilson's Double Act


Year 6 - Wednesday 8th March

Compact - Real life maths


Our year 6's teamed up to create the next big fashion craze. Are you getting ready for Summer? Do you need a new pair of sandals? Well, I am sure our year 6's would have a pair to go perfectly with your outfit. The children had to use a variety of materials, measure the feet of their model and create something eye-catching. The creativity was brilliant but it was matched by the cost effective planning and the 'Dragon's Den' pitch. A sandal creation would not be complete without a fashion walk and it was certainly an impressive morning.

Year 3 - Friday 10th March

Cross Curricular: Spanish / DT


Nos encanta la comida Española!

Year 3 had a great day cooking some exotic food and it was made even more memorable with the help of their mums and dads. There was plenty of maths on display as they chopped, measured and cooked a real banquet of delicious food. We don't know what was more fun - cooking it or eating it! Thank you to everyone who came in for our fun filled day...¡Muchas gracias!

Year 6 - Monday 13th March

Real life maths


Year 6 had a visit from 20 people on Monday afternoon, who came to talk about their careers and the role maths plays in a daily basis. There were a variety of careers on display including retail, medicine and education. The children wanted to find out about qualifications, salary and time schedules. A huge thank you to all the adults who gave up their time, it certainly had an impact as we may now see the next generation of radiologists, postmen and ICT managers.

Year 5 and 6 -Tuesday 14th March

Pi Day


As it is national pi day, it only feels write to get the rulers out and find the area and circumference of a variety of circles. Now we wanted a wide range of circles and couldn't think of anything better than....biscuits!


The children worked in teams to find the area and circumference of a range of biscuits, this included finding the radius and diameter of each biscuit. We also had great fun finding our birthdates in the pi number (as it is infinite).

Happy Birthday Pi Day

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Year 1 to 6 - Week Beginning 13th March

Puzzle mornings


Each year group opened their doors to friends and family to invite them to participate in a puzzle morning. Maths can be found in so many games and puzzles and it was great to see so much fun taking place in each class. Even the bagels were halved and then quartered...each piece was an eighth  (Love a bit of fraction knowledge on the side).


Thank you to all the friends and family who were able to attend and participate in a really fun morning.

Whole School - Kensington Grand National

20th March - 31st March


Our fortnight Kensington Grand National event has been great fun! The event started with each class designing their own mathematical silk jersey and giving their horse a mathematical name.


In the second week, each class took on the 'Kensington Grand National', an obstacle course that required speed, agility and a whole range of maths skills. The children had to: estimate distance, balance across obstacles, solve puzzles, count their skips and judge angles.


The winning class was calculated by totaling each class' time and then dividing by the number of children in their class. This is called the mean average.


Mr O'Shea did a fantastic job and it was well supported by our excellent maths ambassadors.

Mr O'Shea takes on the Grand National

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