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Weekly Maths Puzzle

Each week a new maths puzzle will appear on our weekly newsletter but and on this page. You can answer the puzzle by putting your name, class and answer on a post-it note and putting it in the 'maths puzzle box' at the front of the school office. You can also enter by completing the form at the bottom of this page. Good luck!

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Puzzle 1 - 7th October -14th October


Puzzle: What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs?
Answer: Clock


Puzzle 2 - 14th October to 20th October


Puzzle: What is heavier: a 1kg bag of bricks or a 1kg bag of feathers?

Answer: If they both weigh 1kg it doesn't matter what is inside, so they both weigh the same.


Puzzle 3 - From the 31st October to the 11th November


Question: If I have 4 apples and you take three, how many do you have?

Answer: If you take the apples off me, then I am left with 1 and you have 3 so the answer is 3.


Puzzle 4: 18th November to 25th November


Question: Tom and Sarah had a competition about who could jump the furthest. Sarah jumped 1.2 metres and Tom jumped 115cm, who won?

Answer: 1.2m is the same as 120 metres. This means that Sarah is the winner!


Puzzle 5: 25th November to 2nd December


Question: Bobby left his house at 8:25am; he took 20 minutes to get to the park and another 11 minutes to get from the park to his classroom. Did he get into school before 8:57am? 


Answer: Bobby just made it in time! His total journey took 31 minutes, meaning he arrived at school at 8:56am.


Puzzle 6: 2nd December to 9th December

Question:  Mr Paton and Mr O’Shea were playing a game of penalty shootouts. Mr Paton scored one goal every 20 seconds. Mr O’Shea scored two goals every 50 seconds. Who scored the most goals after 100 seconds?  


Answer: After 60 seconds, Mr Paton has scored 5 goals and Mr O'Shea has scored 4 goals. This means Mr Paton would be our winner!

Puzzle 7 - 6th January


Happy New Year! There is nothing better than a maths puzzle to help get our brains back up to speed after a very enjoyable break.


Puzzle: The date today is 6.1.2017, if I added up all the digits in the number, what would my total be?


Answer: A digit is from 0-9 and in our date we had 6 digits. When we add them up (6 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7) we get 17!

Puzzle 8: 13th January


Puzzle: In my class I have a bag of marbles. There are 4 red, 2 blue and 6 green. I pick one at random, which colour have I got a 50% (half) chance of picking?


Answer: Altogether we have 12 marbles in the bag. 50% is the same as a half (1/2) so we find half of 12 (the answer is 6). It was the green marbles that represented 50%.

Puzzle 9: 20th January


Puzzle: This week I have three pieces of string, one piece is 20cm long and the second piece is 30cm long. If I add all three pieces together it totals 1 metre, how long is the third piece of string?


Answer: The total of our strings is 1 metre long (100cm). Two of the pieces of string add up to 50cm long so the final piece has to be 50cm.

Puzzle 10: 27th January


Puzzle: Happy Chinese New Year for tomorrow! 2017 is the year of the rooster. In what year was the last ‘year of the dragon’?


Answer: The last year of the dragon was 2012 and it will repeat every 12 years.


Puzzle 11: 3rd February


Puzzle: In m hand I have 2 shapes. In total they have 4 right angles and 7 sides. What could the two shapes be?


Answer: This puzzle had multiple answers. The most common was a rectangle and a triangle - they have 7 sides (4 sides for the rectangle and 3 sides for the triangle) and 4 right angles (the rectangle has all 4 right angles).

Puzzle 12: 10th February


Puzzle: If John and Claire were sharing 30 sweets at a ratio of 2:1, how many sweets will they each get?


Answer: If we are sharing 2:1, we are giving away 3 sweets each round. We can do 30 rounds (3 x 10 = 30) so we do the same to each part of the ratio. John will get 20 sweets and Claire will get 10 sweets.

Got the answer?

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