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Summer Term

Geography: Pack your bags and gather your passport as we go on a journey around the world, exploring places full of culture and diversity. Using a range of skills we will build a profile of our favourite countries and share what makes each place unique.


Science: Darwin's theory of evolution has become recognised by scientists across the globe and over this term we will look at the evidence behind it.


History: Have you ever heard of 'The Lost Kingdom'? Benin was once a thriving transport link in the middle of Africa but history was unkind and a place once recognised as influential faded away. We will explore the reasons why. 


Design technology: Linked to our Benin topic, we will be researching, replicating and designing our own Benin masks, incorporating animal prints, fabrics and unusual shapes. 


Art: Is graffiti art? We will look at the history behind the art form and some of the most famous pieces from around the world. This will include work by the famous Banksy and our own interpretations of this style.