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Welcome to Reception's class page. We have 2 classes in Reception RP and RB. In RP our teacher is Mrs Procter and our Learning Support Assistants are Miss Byrne, Miss Smith and Mrs Riley. In RB our teacher is Mrs Broad and our Learning Support Assistants are Miss Bradley, Mr McDonald and Miss Morris.


We believe young children learn best through play. To the child, work is play. Our children’s learning is promoted successfully by activities specially planned and adapted to meet or extend their individual learning needs.


Each child is assigned a 'Key Person'. The key person's role is to ensure your child feels safe and secure. Regular 'Key Person Time' allows a special bond to develop and is an important and valued part of our day. 


Physical Development is a Prime area of the Early Years Foundation Stage. We take part in PE lessons which are taught by Mr O'Shea every Wednesday and are very lucky to have 'soft play' every Friday morning. 


We ask parents to be partners in their child’s individual learning journey and celebrate achievements both at home and in school. Parents are invited into school each week for 'Thrilling Thursdays' in which they can stay and play with their child.


We provide a balance of child led and adult initiated teaching experiences for all our children in all areas of school. We plan and implement activities according to the developmental needs of the children in order to move them on. Some of these interventions include:

Finger Gym: to develop fine motor movements and support early writing skills

Time to Talk: to develop expressive language and confidence within a small group

Speech and Language: to develop children's understanding of language


We are also very lucky to have an additional teacher Mrs Carruthers who works with Reception to support and challenge the more able children in Mathematics and Literacy. 

Teddy Bears Picnic

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Pippa Pixley