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There are four members of staff in the nursery;

Mrs Berry Class Teacher

Miss Prill Level NVQ level 3 Teaching Assistant

Miss Bradley NVQ level 3 Teaching Assistant

Mr Kenny NVQ level 3 Teaching Assistant

As part of the EYFS curriculum we will explore and develop all our skills across all 7 areas of learning. These are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

Our curriculum is play based and planned around the childrens interests. Adults carefully observe the children so that it enables us to plan targetted activites to support the children all round development.

We will also be supporting children's learning through interventions such as Nursery Narrative (a social skills group), Speech and Language Project, Finger Gym (developing physical skills to support writing) and Numbers and Patterns (supporting mathematical development). 

We ensure that our children receive a broad and rich curriculum with a balance of child initiated learning and focused teacher inputs. It is important that children learn through play and that they develop a love of learning and an inquisitive mind.


All children are allocated a key worker. A key person is a named member of staff with responsibilities for a small group of children who helps those children in the group feel safe and cared for.


We will have PE on a Monday morning and Thursday Afternoon and Soft Play on a Friday.


We also ask for 50p a week which is a contribution towards your childs snack.

Autumn Term

During the first few weeks of Nursery we are all about getting to know each other and finding out childrens interests and strengths.

We are beginning to look at all things colour. This will involve recognising colours, colour mixing, Science experiments and our Wow visitor for the first half term will be an artist.

In Autumn 2 Term we will be exploring Divali, Stickman and Christmas we will also have a visit from Reindeers in December. Throughout the term we will also be following childrens interests and planning activities to coincide with these. 

This week in Nursery we were lucky enough to have a local artist visit us. Denise has worked in a variety of different settings. We looked at different artists, and used this as a stimulus to create two pieces of art work around colours and dots. We used, pastels, paint and rollers to create different effects and textures

Every Friday we have soft play in Nursery. We can explore, take risks and build up confidence in moving in different ways

As part of exploring colours we conducted an investigation into skittles and what happens if you add water.

Our WOW visitor Denise the artist

Our first stay and read session

The children read a book which lead to us planning activities based around `Space` we used our immersion room to visit the moon!

The nursery children carried out Pumpkin exploration. It started by hammering golf tees into the pumpkin to help develop the childrens gross motor skills. This led on to the children cutting the pumpkin open and investigating the seeds and what was inside them. We discussed different ways we could eat the pumpkin, the children voted to make pumpkin soup! The children also designed their own scary pumpkin faces.

The children were learning about Divali The festival of lights, we designed our own Rangoli Patterns and Diva candles

Our first week back after half term and our first paired reading took place with our friends from Year 5

In Nursery, children have shown an interest in Julia Donaldson books. In particular `Stickman`, `The Gruffalo` and `The Gruffalos Child`

During the Month of December we celebrated everything festive! We ended the term with a festive funday in which we welcomed family members to join in the fun and learning. We also had a WOW visit from Santa and his reindeers!

During the Spring Term Nursery will be exploring Winter, Superheroes and after half term we will be visiting a farm which will lead on to us hatching chicks.

As part of our planning we will also continue to plan around childrens interests and build relationships in our Keyworker groups.

Nursery and Reception have been using their senses when we visited the World Museum in Liverpool

In EYFS we have been so excited to go and explore the Museum. We particularly enjoyed looking at the dinosaurs and going to the bug house! We used our super senses to explore and talked all about our favourite displays. 

Chinese New Year, making our own Chinese Dragon and preparing our own noodles

This half term Nursery have begun to take Derek the Dragon home. The children bring back a postcard and photographs to show everyone their adventures

As part of the children`s interest in Superheroes, our WOW visitors this half term celebrated real life Superheroes and we were able to find out more about different professions.