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Meet The Team

Head Teacher Mrs K. Davies
Deputy Head Teacher

Miss D. Smith

Lead Teacher Mrs G. Oulton
Senior Leadership Team  
EYFS Manager (On secondment) Mrs S. Berry
Acting EYFS Manager Mrs P. Malone
S.E.N Coordinator Mrs K. Warren
Pupil And Family Support Officer Mrs C. Kehoe
Vulnerable Group and Intervention Manager Mrs S. Pemberton
Assessment Coordinator Miss D. Smith
Literacy Lead Miss A. Edwards
Numeracy Lead Mr S. Briscoe
Teaching and learning responsibilities  
Acting Science Coordinator Mr S. Paton
Science Coordinator (Maternity Leave) Miss L. Telfer
PE Coordinator Mr R. O'Shea

IT Coordinator

Mr S. Briscoe

RE Coordinator Mrs J. Procter
History Coordinator Mrs G. Horton
DT Coordinator Mrs M. Carruthers
Music Coordinator Mrs A. Heeney
Geography Coordinator Mrs C. Willshire
Art Coordinator Mrs L. Hatcher


Nursery Mrs P. Malone
Reception Miss R. Broad
Reception Mrs J. Procter
Year 1 Miss A. Butler
Year 1 Mrs S. Pemberton
Year 2 Ms H. Bannan
Year 2 Mrs G. Horton
Year 3 Mrs L. Hatcher
Year 3 Miss A. Williams
Year 4 Miss R. Moran
Year 4 Mrs C. Willshire
Year 5 Miss A. Edwards
Year 5 Mr S. Paton
Year 6 Mrs L. Nelson
Year 6 Mrs G. Oulton
Teaching Assistant  
Nursery Miss K. Shackleton
Nursery Mrs C. Davies
Nursery Mr S. Kenny
Reception Mr M. McDonald
Reception Miss J. Bradley
Reception Miss J. Byrne
Reception Mrs A. Jordan
Year 1 Miss J. Hanlon
Year 1 Mrs C. Malone
Year 2 Mrs K. Plant
Year 2 Miss S. Conlon
Year 3 Miss R. Begum
Year 3 Miss J. Taylor
Year 4 Mrs D. Milton
Year 4 Miss D. Kewin
Year 5 Mr J. Taylor
Year 5 Mrs L. Putterill
Year 6 Mrs S. Latimer
Year 6 Mr C. Telfer
PE Assistant Mr J. Harris
Additional Support Miss T. Crosby
Additional Support Miss. C Smith
Additional Support Mrs. K Bloxham
Additional Support  

Mrs I. Riley


Miss C. Davies

Reception Mrs M. Carruthers
Reception Miss K. McDonald
Reception Miss C. Smith
Year 1

Mrs M. Carruthers

Year 1 Mrs D. Newell
Year 2 Mrs J. Hutchings

Year 3

Mrs J. Hutchings

Year 4

Mrs A. Heeney

Year 5 Mr S. Briscoe
Year 6

Mr S. Briscoe

WOW Visits Co-ordinator Miss R. Eade
Music Support Mrs A. White
ICT Manager Mr M. Hughes
ICT Support Mr T. Sankey
External Additional Support  
MGL IT Support Mr S. Port
Educational Consultant Miss K. Saunders
E.A.L Support (EMTAS) Mrs K. Hashim
Pupil & Family Support  
Pupil and Family Support Officer Mrs C. Kehoe
Learning Mentor Mr C. Evans
Administration Staff  
Mrs K. Pickavance  

Mr J. Moore

Miss N. Lawless  
Mr S. Hazzard  
Premises Staff  
Mr D. Roberts  
Mr G. Worrall  
Mrs M. Bradley  
Mrs J. Kelly  
Ms S. Catherwood  
Ms C. Foy  
Mrs L. Henderson  
Mrs H. Spencer  
Mrs I. Jones  
Miss T. Ferrie  
Lunch Time Staff  
Miss D. Ditchfield  
Ms T. Ferrie  
Miss N. Smyth  
Miss M. Morris  
Miss J. Vallance  
Mrs J. Kelly  
Mrs M. Butler  
Miss S. Uddin  
Kitchen Staff  
Mrs C. Barka  
Mrs L. Willis  
Mrs J. Boyd  

Mrs S. Parkinson

Ms C. Foy  
Ms D. Howard  
Mrs P. Ward