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Healthy Lifestyle

Your guide to a healthy lifestyle

As part of our Healthy School Award status, we

 are committed to promoting healthy lifestyles. We hope you will find some things on this website page interesting, helpful and informative.


If you would like to make a contribution through any hints, tips or recipes please don't hesitate to contact me - Mrs Joyce Hutchings, PSHE co-ordinator.



We know how difficult it is to think of ideas for a healthy packed lunch each day. 

Below are some ideas for healthy packed lunches.


Lunches should contain a choice of:

Starch - Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta

Protein - Fish, eggs, beans


Veg - Salad - Fruit

Bagels, pitta bread, wraps or baguettes as a change from sliced bread or balms. Carrots, peppers, sliced and dip of houmous or cottage cheese.

Sandwich ideas & Packed lunch:

Banana sandwich on wholemeal bread                                                                                   Tuna & Sweetcorn on wholemeal roll

1 Tomato                                                                                                                          1 cheese triangle

1 Boiled egg - small box of raisins                                                                                    1 satsuma

Yoghurt                                                                                                                           Apple juice

Drink of milk


Pasta & Sausage salad                                                                                                      Edam cheese, ham & lettuce pitta pocket

Spring onions and red peppers                                                                                         Small flapjack

Stewed apple & blackberry with crumble top                                                                  Nectarine

Yoghurt                                                                                                                           Yoghurt

Nectarine                                                                                                                        Drink

Drink of water


 Wholemeal muffin pizza with cheese

Cherry tomatoes & Spinach




We having been learning about healthy lifestyles in school and in year 2 we have been investigating how to make sure we get our '5 a day and make sure we eat a balanced diet.

Here are some ideas for you too!























As we are continuing to promote healthy lifestyles, here are some websites that you may find interesting:


To find the times of events in parks including walks and kite flying click this link:

Once you have clicked this link, click on Google Calendar and you will see the timetable.