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Geography in Year 5

What has the water cycle got to do with Rivers and Mountains?

Our first Geography topic this year was based around rivers, mountains and the links between these and the Water Cycle.


Our questions for enquiry:

How is a river made? 

What is the difference between a river and a lake?

Why are rivers sometimes found at the bottom of a mountain?

Where does a river end?

Why are rivers important to people?


We had an amazing experience visiting the Peak District National Park.


We were given the opportunity to…

  • Gain a deeper understanding of river study fieldwork.
  • Investigate aquatic life within the river.
  • Study examples of geographical features of the river, such as deposition, erosion and look for indicators of pollution.
  • Survey a section of the river and take accurate measurements of breadth, depth and flow rate.
  • Look at both physical and human features of the Peak District and discuss why these are important for the future of a National Park.


We also worked on our map reading skills…

  • We were introduced to simple map reading using geographical skills and maths.
  • We gained an understanding of the language and construction of maps.
  • We used mathematical
  • We familiarised ourselves with using keys, symbols, scales and grids.
  • We compared the ‘real’ features of the Peak District with their map equivalent.
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